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    Is mantle convection theory as good as we can get? Can it explain the variation in the world's divergent plate boundaries? The depth of the Mariana trench? The Basin and Range area? The San Andres fault? Current and past mountain building mechanics?

    Please visit my "Plate Tectonic Mechanism?" thread in speculations and tell me what you think.

    Is it time for a new model of plate tectonics?

    In the last year and some months I have been quite busy writing a hypothesis concerning the thermal heating of the planets that possess magnetic fields and the several moons that exhibit the early development of these electro-magnetic phenomena that in the Earth's case I believe drive the various geologic processes that are currently observed and debated.

    You can view this work in two versions;

    The first is the Earth's geologic processes as seen through the thermal forcing of a variable electro-magnetic field.

    The second is where a broader examination is made with a more speculative assessment of these planets and their field generating mechanisms that also incorporates the above mentioned work in a more comprehensive and unified presentation.
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  1. I think they appear deceptively simple. But all of the ball's contact points must be directly inline from one end to the other, from first to the last. Even unnoticeable variation in contact points would produce deflection, so energy would be spent inducing rotation in the ball that then would be transferred to the other balls and even to the strings as they resist the errant movement being transferred down the line. All of the best examples I've seen use metal that resists the dynamics of the swinging mass, any unnoticeable movement in the frame would dampen the kinetic energy. As would any variation in specifications between components that should ideally be identical.
  2. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    I have a reasonable suspicion this is how Kim Jong-un's bodyguards screw with him.
  3. Light "trapped" in a box ?

    The light source must remain constant. Once the box is sealed the light energy ends and is absorbed, as the rest was previously by the mirrors, as heat.
  4. How is countertorque fought ?

    Just viewed this demonstration without the soundtrack masking the device in action. It sounds like the eccentric mass is directly attached to the motor shaft and is spinning at the same RPM as the motor. It is likely off center to the shaft by a very small degree from what the video demonstrates.
  5. How is countertorque fought ?

    Torque in these situations is usually provided by an eccentric movement of a adequate mass somewhat akin to a flywheel on an offset input shaft. It would vibrate considerably if connected directly to the motor shaft. This one probably utilizes a considerably sizable gear reduction before the eccentric that reduces what would be noticeable shaking. The viscosity of the liquid dampens or reduces the remaining gyration to just the slight wander that the device makes around the pan.
  6. What is uncertainty ?

    It’s difficult to consider any type of exploration that does not include ample quantities of uncertainty, proportionally in most cases to whatever risks involved. Nothing ventured . . . . .
  7. Although this is an old article it illustrates how easily one researcher can derail the understanding and feed the hysteria of a "possible" public health issue. All follow up research appears to contradict the original claims. This was a pretty big deal at the time because it lead to expensive changes in the routing of high tension power lines that were ultimately paid for by the rate payers.
  8. German names in the US and Jewish folks

    That would be Wallis! Sometimes I really hate auto correct!
  9. German names in the US and Jewish folks

    One of my ancestors with the last name of Von Bontz from Germany arrived here in N. America in the early 1700's. By the early 1800's it had became Bantz, one of which who then married a decedent of a guy named Ruben Kessler who had arrived here in the early 1800's. Kessler Name Meaning German, Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a maker of copper cooking vessels, from an agent derivative of Middle High German kezzel ‘kettle’, ‘cauldron’, Middle Dutch ketel, modern German Kessel. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press I suspect that one or both of these families was of some Jewish background. I'm a carrier of a bleeding disorder that is prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews who predominately came from eastern Europe. Haemophilia C (also known as plasma thromboplastin antecedent (PTA) deficiency or Rosenthal syndrome) is a mild form of haemophilia affecting both sexes, due to factor XI deficiency.[2] However, it predominantly occurs in Jewish people of Ashkenazi descent. But oddly there is no trace of any Jewish tradition or folklore or any other indication that the family ancestors were at one time practicing the Jewish sacraments. It is known that many Jews went covert when the inquisition occurred but most did so to stay within the domain of the Spanish crown in Spain and its colonies. I'm leaning towards it may have been simply the person wanted a fresh start here in America and believed total assimilation would be the easiest way to prosper. They became well connected in the business and political families of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard. Families of senators, judges, bankers, railroad builders and university chancellors. I'm a mutt, genealogically speaking. I have Irish, English, Dutch, Middle-eastern, German and Norman - His name was Pagan Warfield, my great-great-grandmother's maiden name, Pagan was likely a mercenary for William I, usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard , and yes, Wallace Warfield/Simpson was my grandmother's second cousin, they played together as children. My last name is Swedish, my dad's dad was full Swede, but I'm 5'7" with dark brown hair. Not the standard Swedish of tall, blond and blue eyes.
  10. Why? the need of an air compressor at a nuclear plant.

    I would think that monitoring a slight pressure would be the quickest way to detect a breach of the containment structure. Possibly a very small crack somewhere inaccessible to normal operations.
  11. Plate tectonic mechanism ?

    Yes swansont, I think this is a perfect time to close this thread. It has ran its coarse. I had considered doing it a year ago when things came to an end back then. I'd much rather spend my time searching for and reading research papers to strengthen the model then maintain this thread. It's better time spent, with a much greater reward. My website has been needing my attention for years. So much to do! I'm quite happy with how well it has done over its run time here. Remember, its first 8 months was in the Earth Sciences section. I think it has probably made a few SFN firsts. I believe it's #3 for total views in the speculations section currently. And I'm confident it will make it to #1 on it's own from here, last July it was on page 8 and idle for 5 months but was going crazy in view numbers anyway, and later it was doing great on page 15 before I started it again. I would have been posting the summary today, but after reading post 489 and then seeing that three of the posts that I had provided to tide things over until now had been down voted following it, I decided I could see pretty clearly what will be next with this thread. Those posts were ones that made very good predictions, good enough that someone had felt they deserved a plus 1 at the time they were posted well over a year ago. Funny how all of a sudden all three of them didn't make the grade now. Rather then seeing more of this type of behavior I would rather end the thread on a high note without regrets. I'd like to thank billiards for his time here, he made it a lot of fun, and I sincerely mean that, our dueling was epic. And studiot, a true gentleman and scholar who helped me greatly despite my stubbornness. A big special thanks to Unity for all his help when I really needed it. And Mike Smith who helped me get the conversation going at the beginning and has always had my back. OK, I have to go now my wife is doing cartwheels and hand springs in the front yard for some reason.
  12. Plate tectonic mechanism ?

    I'm sorry I don't think I will be able to finish it now, I suffered a rather unfortunate accident. In reviewing your previous posts my Troll Detector exploded with such ferocity I was nearly blinded.
  13. Plate tectonic mechanism ?

    Hello again Argent, Yes I'm sure you are probably right. As I said, your feedback is appreciated.
  14. Plate tectonic mechanism ?

    Hello Argent, I'm a little curious as to how many words do you expect this to be. At the bottom of all my posts is a link to my .com web site that has the hypothesis just as you describe above. " in a nicely structured way with the key evidence linked to each step" It is as compact as I can currently make it at the moment due to the "key evidence" involves describing both the mechanics and the predictions of observations that support the overall general outline. Right now it is 214 pages with 51,469 words. This is just the Plate Tectonic part of the hypothesis, the overall "idea" is 370 pages at 97,555 words. It will take me a little while to put something together that I feel is adequate to fulfill the requirement. Your feedback is appreciated. The idea is generally present in those links I had put in that last post. Take a look at this one here, I will probably begin the summery using it as a template and just add in more details and links. BTW, you refer to "evidence", surprisingly, that detail takes up quite a lot of space and is what ended up making my web page version so long. Evidence requires a detailed explanation. A forum is the worst place to introduce an idea. The OP wants to just tell the story and everyone else just wants to edit it. It's sort of like having a bus with everyone on board having their own steering wheel and gas pedal. It just turns into a wrestling match.
  15. Taking an unpopular position here...

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight, I could enjoy arguing either position, but I do have an affinity to push the biggest rock. I just wanted to point out a few things that I feel are relevant here. The first one is the guy is no dummy. The second is he has competed against some of the toughest people in his chosen field of battle and has been measurably successful at it. I believe it’s no coincidence that his behavior in both business and politics so far looks to be taken from The Art of War. He seems asymmetrical in his business history or politics. In other words; he appears unpredictable, maybe even crazy to some. I believe this is no accident, the whole “he’s crazy” “he’s a big fat liar” line of describing him is one dimensional and seems not only rather wrong in many ways, it’s kind of humorous. It’s mostly only usable by his opponents to be spooned to their followers, foreign or domestic. A lie is told for a certain strategic advantage. The moral component can be set aside for terrorist and foreign enemies. The domestic consumer should understand the difference, and in regards to domestic politics, it’s always been a liar’s game for the win. Any outrage about it appears to many like me as naive or even politically motivated. Right now everyone who considers him their opponent, whether it is political or militant considers him highly unreadable. In The Art of War this is one of the primary tenants or goals. I have a rather high opinion of Obama as a person, really an honest, stand-up person in my opinion, but completely predictable to his/our opponents. Something that The Art of War BTW teaches you to avoid. The terrorist, N. Korea, China and Russia unfortunately appear to not have worried very much about Obama, or even Bush or Clinton in many respects, for that matter. Remember the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, it is likely Trump has been operating by this his whole professional career; I would assume it is at play right now in every conceivable way.