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  1. making alka seltzer tablets

    Well, you could always cut out an old pill that isn't gel-based and fill it.
  2. If you could store the mixture or raw chemicals in seperate "containers" that are fragile, the impact would cause the reaction to occur. P.S. A catalyst would come in handy.
  3. Hello everyone! Several days ago, I was flipping through pages in physics and chemistry for no particular reason and I stumbled upon a hypothesis: Is it possible for a high school student to create his own rocket and launch a satellite to space with it? Before we all start blowing our heads off, I am no astrophysicist or a prodigy in aerodynamics. And after seeing the Dragon from SpaceX, I realize that I can no where near accomplish that size and magnitude with the limited resources that I have: time, money, knowledge. But hypothetically speaking, is it possible to send a "ghetto" satellite into space and actually accomplish tasks with it, whether that be for photography, communications, etc. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.