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  1. Although I think that the concept of a high energy bond can mislead the unwary, I think that you are on the right track. The free energies of hydrolysis of esters vary quite a bit from one to another. I don't have a table that provides this value for an acylcarnitine ester; however, my recollection is that it is relatively high in energy.
  2. homework help

    inverse, This section is homework help, not homework answers.
  3. In the particular example of translation, occasionally the wrong (non cognate) amino acid is incorporated. IIRC this happens about one time in ten thousand, but I don't have a reference in front of me. The normal rate of translation appears to be a compromise between speed and accuracy.
  4. Integrins

    Try doing a search at PubMed. You can limit searches there to just review articles.
  5. Bond length between CN and pKa strengths

    I would draw out the resonance forms of M in the conjugate base form.
  6. what is diffrent between isomer and epimers ?

    This sounds like homework. If you tell us what you have found out so far and where you are stuck, we can offer guidance.
  7. I urgently need your help

    femz and anum, It is an entirely reasonable policy for the forum to provide help but not answers. Providing help can take time; therefore, waiting until it becomes "urgent" is not a good strategy. femz, "thanks guys, i actually don't know it atall. so,i waited to get more answer so i can compare" is basically stating that you want us to provide you with multiple answers to a question that you have not thought about in the slightest. anum, Please don't post the same question in a different thread.
  8. isoelectric point of pepsin

    It is a forum policy that you must make an attempt to answer a question before we can help you. My suggestion is that you start by defining and explaining what an isoelectric point (pI) is.
  9. I agree that there is a cobalt atom present. Here is the some information on Vitamin B12:
  10. Although I am personally fine with people trying to understand body chemistry, no one here can give you medical advice. For one thing, no one here is qualified to do so.
  11. disertation

    At my institution an Honor's thesis covers novel research done by the undergraduate over the course of about a year. Obviously, the amount of research is much less than a Ph.D. thesis.
  12. disertation

    At my institution, about 5% of the undergraduates write an Honor's thesis. Students doing directed independent study typically write research reports.
  13. disertation

    swansont, My experience is in chemistry, and things may be different. Based on your description of your master's degree in physics, I would call it a coursework-based master's degree. Maybe I should have used a different term in my first post, such as "research-based masters" for one that has original research as one of the requirements. Revising my terminology, I would say that a thesis-based master's could either be research-based or literature-based (in which one writes an extensive review of the literature on some topic).
  14. disertation

    A thesis-based master's degree must involve novel work. A literature-based master's degree may involve an extensive review of the literature. Any one department may offer only one or the other option.
  15. On what basis did you make the choice of major and minor for B?