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  1. The Cause of Prime Numbers ( Suggestion)

    Have you heard of casting out nines?
  2. what is diffrent between isomer and epimers ?

    We can offer hints so if you don't know where to start here is a hint epimers are special types of isomers. Here is the original example. You should compare this with an example of otho, meta and para isomerism. Note there are three of these but only two epimers. Find out which of all these are optically active.
  3. Need programmers to save my mobile phone

    Good reply fiveworlds, +1 , but will the manufacturer actually cooperate?
  4. So you think you know EM? Explain this!

    So you are using the word radiation to describe a geometric pattern, as in "the spokes of a wheel radiate from its hub". Can I assume this is not meant to imply any continuous generation of an energy stream emanating from the magnet as radioactive radiation or EM would be?
  5. Your Heart's Desire

    Thanks but that doesn't answer my comment that the forum software must create a count to come up with the number that is displayed to all. If say the displayed post count number is 20 are you saying that the claim is members of a scientific forum or even 5 year olds, are incapable of counting the actual number of posts and finding out that only 15 are displayed? Or does the displayed post count number actually with the numeber of posts displayed? The moderators are quite assiduous in displaying a notice to the effect that some posts have been hidden. In any event, is it beyond these super programmers to keep several running totals for whatever different purposes they want?
  6. So you think you know EM? Explain this!

    I'm hoping this was not part of your response to me, specially when you mention in the same breath. Anyway I asked for clarification of your phrase "centrifugal magnetic radiation" and I take it that the words between the above quotes form some sort of response. For your information I am quite comfortable with Fields in general and EM fields in particular. I am not aware that a phenomenon that could be described as magnetic radiation (centrifugal or otherwise) can be isolated. Could you please offer an example of a radiation that is purely magnetic? So far as I am aware, the only radiation emitted by permanent magnets comprises some low level random radiactivity from material impurities and the usual black body radiation, appropriate to its temperature. Neither of these could be described as magnetic radiation.
  7. Your Heart's Desire

    Well here are my thoughts. 1) It must be possible or the program could not provide the information about the number of replies. 2) Are we to understand that the program authors never intend to issue any updates? 3) Even Microsoft admitted it was wrong over the start button fiasco.
  8. I have been trying to find the foreward in a book I have where the author states The Scientific Method is the collection of data about the real world and its organisation in a rational structure.
  9. Well thought out comments, Eise. +1
  10. Compostable food packaging

    I think we probably are. But you seem to think it unimportant to reduce unneccessary packaging, such a step would again be win win win Since it would surely save money as well as achieving environmental aims. I regard reduction of waste as a primary step. A point or question about packaging. Surely if the primary packaging is adequate, secondary, tertiary or even (God forbid) quaternary packaging should remain uncontaminated by food, n'est pas? Again I take issue about landfill, and you seem to have ignored a perfectly good example I posted as to how and why. Further you seem to have missed entirely another point I made, which was if we made things last longer there would be less refuse material in the first place. Methane can be collected and processed by the way. This is entirely separate from the bureaucratic kneejerk that prompted the cows in nappies jokes around the planet.
  11. Compostable food packaging

    Ken , I don't want you to get the impression I am getting at you personally or that I am against recycling, because neither are true. But I do think that there is much more to the subject than you suggest. In particular we need to change our outlook and behaviour, both as individuals and as a society to solve these problems. Why for instance is food packaging a problem? Well I would start by saying why is it necessary in the first place? I was a child of the post war austerity, but didn't consider myself deprived compared to the war generation before me. So I can't see why bananas need to be packaged in a plastic bag. I can't see why potatoes need a plastic bag. And I don't mean a carrier bag for either. I can't see why tins of sweetcorn need a plastic shrinkwrap. There is just too much unneccessary packaging about so we should start be getting rid of that. Then what is wrong with paper for much of the rest of it? Paper is recyclable, even if dirty, and some is biodegradable. I don't want to turn your thread into a litany of spectacular debacles by the powers that be so here is a simple anecdote about my council, which by and large is pretty efficient and decades ago started a seriously beneficial landfill program, but was stopped by the idiots in Strasbourg / Brussels morerecently. In the 1950s, the 1970s and the 1990s the centre of the town where I live was seriously flooded by the local river. Back in the 1930s the council ahd started a program of increasing the bank height with landfill materisl, but properly done. The landfill site moved slowly but steadily downriver and After a period of a decade or so the old site had settled and could be built upon. This generated a sustainable flood protected patch of building land the council could release every 10 years or so. The sale helped keep the local taxes down and generated jobs. This was win win win all round. Then came the edicts from Strasbourg and the taxes on landfill. Sidenote The politicians answer to everything is TAX IT. Recycling became politically correct overnight and a freedom of information act request to the council revealed that immediately prior to this tax the refuse collection cost about £35 per year from my local taxes. Immediatedly after it cost about £135. And yes, they introduced waste food recycling. Waste food! Remember I said I was a child of austerity? I don't waste food. Yes I have biodegradable waste material as a result of preparation etc, call it food waste if you like. But the bureaucratic mind specifies waste food. In fact we now have an assorment of containers to put different types of waste in and if the dutmen don't like collecting something they leave it in the box or more likely strew it about the roadside. We are not supposed to put 'waste food' in anything by the special biodgrabale bags (in the box) we can buy from the council, but the dustmen have yet to collect one of those bags, despite the fact it has the council's name and food waste bag clearly ptinted on it. The dustmen would rather empty the bag out and leave it behind. Yes we really do need to get our act together.
  12. Heisenberg uncertainty principles

    So do you want us to verify your working? it seems OK. Or do you want some explanation as to where it comes from? But it is not a derivation since you start with the Principle stated as an inequality. It is not usual to derive the HUP whn Quantum Mechanics is first introduce, the Maths is quite advanced. Teachers normally just state it as Law of Physics.
  13. Your Heart's Desire

    You mean there is an organisation in the world that doesn't listen to its customers? Who would have thought it? And in the IT industry as well. Of all places.
  14. Heisenberg uncertainty principles

    A picture of your lecture notes? So what do you want to discuss about it?