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  1. Are there any examples of emergentism that have been observed? (in any science)
  2. So is this just a mobile phone or a reference to the mobile phone network? Or is it something different/fancier? Could I just transform "towers were down so the 800 MHz system didn't work" into "towers were down so cell phones didn't work"? Would that be accurate?
  3. I'm translating something and a fella says at one point "towers were down so the 800 MHz system didn't work" Anyone know what the 800 MHz system is?
  4. I know there are a lot of notes of his around, but did he ever actually publish anything himself?
  5. Currency exchange apps?

    I was joking about not knowing how to exchange But thanks anyway What I'm really curious about is whether I'd get a significantly better exchange rate from one of these apps than I would at just a local exchange office (the latter would be the much simpler way of doing this for me, so unless there's a reason to go the apps way...). I remember hearing about one of these apps on a podcast and they were saying how you can get better rates, so I'm wondering whether I could get something a lot better than just a regular exchange office.
  6. Currency exchange apps?

    Hey, I don't even know how to exchange currency, let alone make an app that can do it.
  7. Currency exchange apps?

    I should have said, I'm from Croatia and I think they don't support our currency.
  8. Currency exchange apps?

    What's the best currency exchange app to us that might give me a better rate than a bank or exchange office?
  9. Blue light unhealthy?

    Ok, so the sleep thing appears to indeed be legitimate. However, there are claims also made about it being bad for the eyes. Any science behind that?
  10. Blue light unhealthy?

    I've seen some talk of blue light being bad for eyes and the circadian rhythm and it all, based on nothing but intuition, felt like bunk with no scientific backing. Is there actually any legitimate science behind this?
  11. Hepburn and Tracy dynamic?

    What does it mean that some two people have a Hepburn and Tracy dynamic?
  12. What are in your opinion the most innovative and which are the best sitcomes in recent time?
  13. Free CV design sites like Canva

    Are there any sites like Canva that give you CV templates to design your CV around, but are free?
  14. Is this true? So IS there anything in the Universe that comes from nothing?
  15. I found the above quote on Quora, but I'm not registered there and I don't know how the damn thing works and it was an old post, so I'll ask here, what does the guy mean by the Big Bang not being something from nothing?