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  1. I found the above quote on Quora, but I'm not registered there and I don't know how the damn thing works and it was an old post, so I'll ask here, what does the guy mean by the Big Bang not being something from nothing?
  2. I'm seeing some people on urban dictionary say "inbox me" means contact by email. Is that right? I'm talking about saying "inbox" or "inbox me" on Facebook, for the sake of context.
  3. I'm new to Facebook and I see people sometimes saying that they should be contacted via inbox. Is this just the regular Messenger chat or is this something different?
  4. Does anyone know of any newspaper or magazine that makes this sort of (or something similar) video: A weekly video in which 2 or more of the journos from the paper sit down and talk about the topics that got covered in the paper that week and maybe give links to the articles that were published?
  5. Interesting. There is the phenomenon in America (and perhaps generally) of people recognizing Jewish last names, but, from what I know, there aren't actually any Jewish last names (outside one or two, I think maybe Cohen is one), rather what people think of as Jewish names are actually German names. A lot of Jews in America also have Eastern Euro names, but I think when people think of Jewish names in America they typically think of the -berg names and names like Levine. So, the point is why is it that people can (presumably) accurately identify Jewish people by last names, when what they are identifying is German names? It should be 50-50 whether the person is Jewish or German/Austrian. Unless someone wants to argue that people just THINK they are correctly identifying people as Jewish by their last name, but I find this difficult to believe since this is so well accepted, that there are Jewish last names.
  6. In order for confirmation bias to be present I have to have a hypothesis I want to be true. The claim that every American you encounter who has a German name is Jewish is an observation, not a hypothesis. I don't know a few Germans who did something, if you never see an American with a German name who isn't Jewish then all of them have done it, not a few. And no, it isn't bizarre to think that if all Germans with German names Anglicized them the Jews might do so, too. You think it is less unusual that a mass of people should come from Germany and it should just so happen that all the Germans would Anglicize their names, but the Jews wouldn't? I don't live in the US, I'm going off of what you see in popular culture. You mean you've met a lot of folks with German last names (non Anglicized) who were not Jewish?
  7. Incidentally, the Sinatra song is dynamite, though this is not my favorite version golf clap
  8. As for Theresa May, Mandalay
  9. There's the Robbie Williams song Road to Mandalay, there's the Kipling poem which got turned into a Sinatra song "Mandalay," there's the casino Mandalay Bay. Wtf?
  10. German are the most numerous ethnic group in the US, yet it seems like whenever you encounter an American with a German last name they are Jewish. I wonder why that is. Does anyone know? I know some people of German ancestry have anglicized their last names, but then again, why haven't the Jewish people? Is it that Jewish immigration has been more recent while Germans moved earlier and maybe that practice of anglicization went out of style by the time the Jewish people came over?
  11. ??? That is a non existant post
  12. I don't have the file in the backup folder and I doubt it is due to autosaving as this has happened to me in wordpad, as well, which, I think, doesn't have an autosave function. It also IS a matter of Win10, as this has never happened to me in XP over years of having wordpad files open all day, as I do now with win10.
  13. It's not backwards compatibility, it always happens in a very specific way: The computer freezes and the sound freezes as well (keeps sounding the specific thing it was sounding in that moment) and then it goes to that blue screen and when I restart windows the file is empty. This happened to me on Notepad++ and on MS Wordpad. Does anyone have any idea how I might recover the file?
  14. No malware.
  15. Windows 10 is such a COLOSSAL piece of shit!!! To begin with, it crashes about 3x a week, but then secondly, and more importantly, today, for the third time in a space of about a month it has irrevocably lost an IMMENSELY important file for me! And it won't just delete the file, no, that would make it recoverable, instead, the son of a bitch makes sure to lose it in a way that would be IRREVOCABLE! What it does is that it OVERWRITES the file with an empty file. So the file is titled the same, but is completely empty. What happens is I'm working on this text file and the computer will freeze up, give me that blue screen and when I restart the computer the file is empty. And you can't do SHIT to insure yourself from it. You could have saved the file 4 seconds ago and you're still FUCKED if this happens. It does SUCH a specific thing (this overwriting) which means that: 1) you can't restore the file with recovery software 2) you can't insure yourself from it First time it happened I tried recovering it with like 5 different pieces of software, took me 2 days, got FUCK ALL in return! FUCK YOU WINDOWS 10, you motherless fuck!