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  1. but I think that's better if you fill the "About Me" section of your profile to let everyone know more about you...

    and I hope to find a way to see your website. I don't have proxy at this time.

    you can find more information about me at my Google Profile:

    although I have an English blog that update it sometimes:


  2. Hi Pantheory,

    thank you for your comment on my profile and excuse me for the delay...

    but I live in IRAN and I can't see your website: . perhaps your Hosting service banned IRAN...

    but although my field of study in Software Engineering but I'm very interested in astronomy from my childhood and sometimes I read books and articles related to astronomy...


  3. Hey Moein Gh,

    Glad to hear of your friendship offer.

    I am 68 years old. I was a professional Engineer for many years as well as a cosmologist and theoretical physicist. I have 3 adult children in their 30's and grand children. :)

    If you are interested you can see my theories at

    How about you?