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  1. Pain in dreams

    We had a thread about this recently. I think it was generally accepted that real pain can effect your dreams... but of course, your dream wont cause you injuries unless you thrash about physically and harm yourself in your sleep without realising it. Here is the thread.
  2. Of course the materials (like clay) are sourced on Earth - where else would they be from if they are responsible for catalysing life on EARTH? I don't see the clay changing it's behaviour from interaction with organics. It is still the same clay as far as I can tell (A geologist would tell you). I would assume there are hundreds of mechanisms and little quirks which sped the process up along the way. (none of them fast enough to get the job done in 6K years though). On a different planet you might get different rocks and different life forming... or none at all as it is all so complex. But if there is clay... and water... and heat... and a mixture of other bits and bobs then how wouldn't it form? If it formed here it can form elsewhere that meet the Goldilocks conditions. Maybe the Goldilocks conditions are different for different forms of life.
  3. With regard to the probability of complex chemicals forming by chance over huge timescales, there may still be (almost certainly imo) other un seen/undiscovered mechanisms in play that 'might' have sped processes up. The formation of long chained organics which reproduce with chirality for example were previously though impossible, but have recently been shown to form in the platelet spaces between layers of silicon clays pretty quickly. What other catalysts and organisers played a part in the VERY complex process of the evolution of our life from chemical to biological? I am sure there must have been many more short cuts which shaved billions of years of our 'chance' evolution.... maybe we will discover these mechanisms as time goes on.... alas, I assume that most of us here and probably many generations of our offspring will not be around to find out.
  4. Although it doesn't make a very good plate. lol
  5. How gravity works

    I think you will find that most regular members here, opposed to 'going along with the crowd', will make their own decisions on things based on the evidences they receive. Many here will change their views on almost any topic if you provide correct incontestable evidence. Quite the opposite from 'going along with crowd'. I have seen the person you are talking to here above change his views on a number of things when shown supported evidence of a claim. This usually comes with a 'thank you for correcting me' comment. No one here will take your word for your assumptions or musings without some testing, demonstration or proper maths. The field which you are speculating on is pretty well researched and modelled. If you want to change it you have to show you have a better model - not random musings based on guesses and assumptions. No one will sheep like follow you into believing untested claims and nor should they.
  6. I think you need to look for materials with a high specific heat capacity. I think people used to heat rocks in a fire then put them in their beds to pre warm them. What is the application? PS - water is quite high iirc - thus the humble hot water bottle.
  7. Today I Learned

    'Visible light' is just a range of frequencies in the Electromagnetic spectrum.
  8. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    Of course not and I didn't say so either. So - following your line of argument, what retraining will she go through to prepare her for the office then? What retraining did the current pres get to prepare him for the arduous task of office? What courses did they send him on? Hey, maybe she will be a great president. If she runs she will win I reckon. Whatever party she joins or runs for, whatever her politics, half of your voters won't care - they will vote for her because they like her and trust her.
  9. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    OK - is she suitably qualified? Are you sure it's that simple a job to be POTUS? I would have thought it a very delicate specialised position requiring superb diplomatic skills.... I would feel happier knowing the person taking the job has some training and qualifications. That's just me though I suppose. Presumably though they get a thorough briefing of what is expected of them when they reach the White House anyway so that you don't get some idiot in power who doesn't know what the rules are going around sacking everyone that disagrees with him, trying to run it like a dictatorship, spreading false information and lies to the public so that their business interests and those of friends and family can benefit without any regard for the poor or the environment or worse case scenario, start a nuclear war by threatening and sabre rattling with the worlds unstable dictators. - I mean that would be awful, no sane country would promote anyone like that to power surely. No of course I wouldn't (unless they had prior training in brain surgery). - Maybe it was a poor comparison... it is an obvious strawman but I think it proves a point. You don't employ a plumber to groom your horse or an Olympic swimmer to do your company accounts. Why employ a chat show host to be the pres? It is trivialising the office! I hear TenOz's comment about them having to have people skills and celebs obviously have - but it is becoming a joke. You must have experienced politicians with people skills. If she runs she'll get in because the majority of the voting people will see her and get excited.... like what happened last year - this could lead to someone currently not in the public eye missing out on the chance to lead and lead well because the public will say 'oooh! Oprah! vote for her' without even considering anything political and then whatever her whimsical opinionated factless based policies will shine through like they have with this current guy. It is totally embarrassing imo.
  10. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    I think Arnie would be awesome... if he is aloud to run after Trump's administration - he is a foreigner after all.. neither do I - but I have to ask again.... would you trust her to undergo brain surgery on you? If not then why not?
  11. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    At least she could give everyone a car as a campaign promise... that'd be popular! I still do not see the idea of making any celebrity the president as anything but an embarrassment. It shows the sensationalist and emotional mindset of the majority (enough to get them into power anyway) of the nation. I'd rather see a well trained/experienced politician who knows what they are doing. Would you trust her to operate on you if you needed brain surgery? If not then why not? Is it because she is black; or that she is a woman?
  12. Electromagnetic radiation pushes asteroids away

    ah good - photon momentum - that's what I thought. Thanks.
  13. Electromagnetic radiation pushes asteroids away

    It's still a better explanation than 'Look! I am moving the vanes with the power of my mind!!" I have heard so many explanations for it that I am confused now. I think the vacuum is important to determine the direction of travel - Physics link suggests so anyway. It says that the light effects only work in a vacuum.... in a poor vacuum they are over ridden by a more dominant thermal effect which cause the opposite to happen of what you'd expect to happen in the vacuum. What the exact mechanism is I do not know - I thought it was transference of momentum from the photons absorbed into the black being different to the ones being reflected by the white... causing a net difference in momentum gain by each side of the vain which causes rotation. Now I am even more confused.... one thing I am confident about is that it isn't mind power doing it. lol. Actually I used to think it was just a thermal effect - but have been sold on the momentum gain from photons idea.
  14. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Being fair I think (from reading his posts) the 'boys will be boys' was part of the explanation... not an acceptance or an excuse but rather a reason. I can't see where either side of this discussion is coming from - you are both right (imo) - The tendency and drives are in all humans... it doesn't excuse abusive behaviour and no-one (as far as I can see) has said that it does.
  15. Could be a bit of both even? That article suggests a 50% increase! That seems quite a lot, so something must be happening.
  16. If it were true then it would have to be to do with the vibrational frequency of the music resonating some how with the way the photons are absorbed..... IF it is true then I wouldn't mind betting that the power required to provide the rock music would be more than the extra power you'd get from the resonances. - But, I'll confess I do not know, I'm just speculating.
  17. Polyurethane foam - are they safe?

    I had heard that the EU were banning isocyanate use for anyone but trained contractors and paint applicators. i.e. - you won't be able to but 2 pk PU paints from shops anymore, but you could hire an approved contractor to come round to supply and apply it for you. I am not sure how far we have progressed along this route yet.
  18. Trump Effects

    What are the odds on a nuke being fired before he's finished? I said before he was even voted in that it was written all over him. But the majority of voting Americans seem to back him (according to the vote count) - they surely weren't so blind or stupid to now be surprised by how he is acting - he is pretty much as advertised in his campaign. You got exactly what you voted for. Hey - maybe all out world nuclear war is what the world needs right now to clear the air and brush off the cobwebs. :rollseyes: I'm going to stop criticising him... if we go to war I want to win and will have to back him. I don't blame him for anything he has done - I blame those that voted him into power knowing exactly what they were getting - all of this was totally obvious when he started running.
  19. For the polymer to be an epoxy it needs an oxygen bridge on the backbone across 2 carbons. I think that this might react with the amines In the curing process as a site for crosslinking to take place, hardening the polymer and giving it more desirable resistance to chemicals and physical attack. How many epoxy groups remain after curing idk. I think it depends on how much was there to begin with and the concentration of the curing agents. So - I think you are right - there is no exact expected final structure - the term epoxy in layman's terms refers to the system, the polymer in the 1st part of it and the finished cured product.... where as in chemistry the epoxy group is the oxygen bride where the chemistry takes place. Sorry this description is brief and could be a lot better -- but then you could write a book about it and I am at work and should be doing something else. ;-)
  20. Dreams causing real injuries?

    Do you see this as being similar to a placebo or negative placebo (nocebo?) effect?
  21. I won't insult the rest of the forum by asking for explanations of certain points.. it is, as the above poster has already stated, nonsense and gibberish.... ...although if I apply my mind through the magic of disconnected levelness, whilst avoiding a physical attack, I might be able shape my own opinion between the truth and anti truth of the abstract forms. Using deductive reasoning with the right dataset, could I enable motion capability for the correct abstract shape?
  22. Is the past infinite?

    Except we know senses can be fooled... logic just looks at what is possible and rules out what is not and draws no conclusions when there is insufficient data. In fact, logic looks at nothing - it is just a tool used for analysis.
  23. Dreams causing real injuries?

    Apart from your own nail you mean? I once had a nap in the afternoon sometime around 1997. I dreamt that me and my pal should go to visit some old guy at the old people's home we met a few days back. I woke up... went down to the old people's home to meet my pal coming in the opposite direction, who also 'felt' we should go see the old guy... So what? Coincidences happen all the time... if they didn't occur at all it would be even stranger as they are predicted to happen mathematically by probability. There are so many millions of people in the world that of course at any moment there will be someone who thinks a word just before it comes on the radio, or thinks of their mum just before they call... what they miss is that they think of their mum's most of the time and let it drop from their minds, but when there is a call the mind places significance on the event as being connected with the unrelated thought the person was having. I won't go into the maths... I've seen it layed out and it is pretty basic... like 2 or 3 people in the room with the same birthdays... seems improbable at first until you do the maths and then it is expected from time to time as a certainty.
  24. That is kind of the point isn't it? To continually reassess when new information comes to light and build the best modal of reality we have based on the most up to date information we have.... until new or fresh evidence comes to light. Better than believing any old clap trap people spout out because of what they 'feel' is right.... we test what we know constantly against reality. If you can't see that then you don't understand it's goals.