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  1. Is it relevant? They probably just do it because they're horny, evolutionary advantage or not.
  2. is meat unhealthy?

    You're supposed to have any ideological position you want, however, veganism is about avoiding all animal products as much as possible in order to contribute as little as possible to animal suffering and death. It's a misconception that it's a diet (for example, steaks from a steak tree would be perfectly vegan).
  3. Relativity and its demerits.

    What do mass and massless actually really mean? Can't you just say that photons belong to a class of particles that behave one way, while things like protons are part of a class of particles that behave in another way? Just thinking out loud
  4. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    Would be cool if the dreadful post editor could be replaced with a better one somehow.
  5. Not every activity that animals (including humans as a species) engage in must necessarily have an evolutionary advantage.
  6. Why do non-human animals masterbate?

    They probably masturbate for the same (or similar) reasons we do.
  7. Why atomic bomb?

    Because we're idiots.
  8. Hash function question.

    Understandable, seeing how you didn't understand it
  9. Producing a hierarchy of human life .

    Super beings who are able to create bubble universes using 'stuff' they extract from the sea of infinity. Joking aside, who knows? I certainly don't.
  10. Sam Harris (an atheist) says that God is possible/inevitable

    They don't, but does that really matter in a thread like this?
  11. Sam Harris (an atheist) says that God is possible/inevitable

    Square wheels that work actually exist: They're a kind of skateboard wheel. The link above links to some youtube search results. Check it out, I'm not joking.
  12. Conduct the research necessary to rule the universe for all of eternity.
  13. Hash function question.

    My question makes perfect sense. 1. The XOR and & thing are a simple mistake. Should Be XOR and AND. 2. The booleans are bitwise operators (what else could they be?). 3. The hash variable is clearly not 32 bits wide (why would I expect to get anything other than zero if I shift out all the bits?). Basically I tried to write the following WORKING line of code in a more general format: Int64 hash = ((2860486313 * (3367900313 * x ^ 4093082899 * y)) >> 32) & 255; Yes, there is a reason for my question. I don't have a maths background and don't know how to work out the period (if you will) of this hash function. And no, I haven't been using any cannabis products. Don't see how this is relevant anyway. Next time, don't reply if you don't understand the question. In this case it's very obvious that you have no clue. Anyway, the hash function is flawed and I've replaced it with this one that seems to do the job: Int64 hash = ((6082394749206781697 * (1732050807568877293 * i ^ 8650415921358664919 * j ^ 3842148274728412483)) >> 48) & 255;
  14. Hash function question.

    No one?
  15. Hash function question.

    I have this hash function: hash = ((2860486313 * (3367900313 * x XOR 4093082899 * y)) RIGHTSHIFT 32) & 255 Anyone know if this will produce repeating sequences when the inputs are whole positive numbers starting at 0 and going up to 2^32? An example would be x and y starting at 0. X is incremented by 1 until x becomes 2^32, at this point x is reset to 0 and y is increased by 1. This is repeated until y is 2^32.