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  1. That is what I was looking for. Thx!
  2. Perahaps im missing something simple, but this doesn't seem to address my question. I can easily run the query of activity and arrive at the search results. However, upon drilling down into those search results, the link takes me to the OP, not to the last page or last post as I'd prefer. Instead, once the thread opens, I then have to click again to get to the end. My best guess is this is just user error on my part, hence the question.
  3. I could see HI as the author all along. Much more likely is you're misremembering than this being a random software bug wherein the posts of one member are rendered under the username of another.
  4. May get better as indexing gets completed. Anyone figure out a way to go to the end of a thread and not the OP each time you click? I've tried a few things, but no matter what I do I have to first open the thread THEN click to go to last page (at least from the search results)
  5. Agree, better to leave as is than remove entirely. Thx for looking
  6. Same here. 502 error has cleared for me, but can't find signature change option anywhere now that I'm successfully into Account Settings. Perhaps it's a permissions issue and Sig edit capability must be first granted to our user group / non-staff member role?
  7. Any chance via this new forum software version of allowing users to edit a post within 1-3 minutes of initial submission without the "this post has been edited" label being applied? Frequently, I need to correct a single spelling error (or, more precisely, override an unwanted autocorrect that I missed while drafting) and would be cool if I could so without that post forever suggesting I've edited it (which I usually read as being related to content or overall presentation of the point). By keeping the time window allotted to do this low, we limit risk of folks unethically adjusting posts after others have responded. Clearly this is a nice to have and not a must have, so no worries if not possible or simple. Cheers.
  8. My signature link to a YT video began rendering (instead of just showing the URL) and I'd like to remove it or maybe surround it by noparse tags. Followed the outlined steps, however clicking Account Settings throws a 502 Bad Gateway error and I cannot seem to get to the sig edit screen. Anyone else seeing this error, or have an alternative path to try?
  9. "In slow wave deep sleep, our glial cells rinse cerebral spinal fluid throughout our brain and this clears away a lot of the metabolic waste that accumulated during the business of being awake. One of things it can clear away is amaloid beta." "We think Alzheimer's begins with the buildup of a protein called amaloid beta." Quotes from Lisa Genova, neuroscientist discussing the concept of Prevention in a TED interview.
  10. Put your text between spoiler tags, like this: [spoiler ]Text here, but no space in the tag when done for real[/ spoiler] Will render like this when spaces are removed:
  11. Stephen Hawking is, actually (as are a few others like Elon Musk, but they're clearly the most notable). http://www.wired.co.uk/article/stephen-hawking-100-years-on-earth-prediction-starmus-festival
  12. No examples required. We do not disagree on this point. I understand that is your opinion, but my opinion is that you are wrong.
  13. This is chemistry, not knowledge. It truly is ridiculous what you're saying. How can we respond in a way that this becomes more clear to you? What type of example would you like us to provide to highlight this fact in a way that you can comprehend? I don't have to know how to metabolize sugar for it to happen. Infants don't have to know, either, yet they do it, too. The iron doesn't have to understand oxidation in order to rust, yet it happens because of the underlying physics of the universe. The salt doesn't need to understand dissolution in order to dissolve into the glass of water, nor the sugar to sweeten the tea. . However, your position seems to mandate inanimate objects have such an understanding. It's not just ridiculous, it's a category error.
  14. Well, you must not know me as well as you think. It's the opposite, really. I don't believe there's a distinction between humans and non-humans in the way so many people suggest (like you did by offering that there is "consciousness" and "human consciousness" as if they were two different things. The difference IMO is one of degree, not one of type. There is no zebra consciousness or human consciousness... there are just consciousnesses of different magnitudes and vibrancy. No, not even close. If that's how you perceive me, then I've failed in my communications.