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  1. NY files suit against oil companies.

    So, you concede your point is ridiculous?
  2. NY files suit against oil companies.

    They’d not even exist were it not for those who appreciate the power of shared resources; the group lift that is the cooperative effort of taxation. You’re like a lady running down the street with a ham under each arm complaining because she has no bread. I, too, am confused and disappointed by your point that the government cannot/should not step in to help... to impose consequences... because at some point they received revenues from O&G companies just as they did for every single other type of business in operation. It’s ridiculous and insulting to my intelligence in the extreme.
  3. Why does god always take on the characteristics of the person silly enough to accept the notion as true? (I’ll defer to the mods to split this OT tangent where/when they see fit)
  4. That’s wicked cheap. Appreciate the great tip! I love the knots and dark crotch areas in that piece of hickory. I happened to pick up two hand planes cheap this weekend on Craigslist. Gonna put a nice edge on them and practice smoothing joined pieces.
  5. It’s actually rather encouraging seeing that you can do something like that just with pine
  6. NY files suit against oil companies.

    I suspect you’re quite right here, though you’d likely have a great case. IIRC, you are a regular cyclist so you’re breathing that shit in by the kiloliter. They’d just blame your past experience with cigarette smoking, though... another industry that used wedge strategies to lie about the effects of their products and delay making required changes.
  7. That’s pretty! I notice you framed out all four edges instead of just using breadboard ends. I like the legs, too. My wife is into turned legs... the big beefy type... but I’m a fan of more architectural legs. I prefer ones that look like the ceiling in a really kickass, curvy, but functional and rooted in physics. I respect lathe work, but find turned legs somewhat mundane and even boring What type of wood is that for the top? I want to say oak, but don’t feel comfortable enough yet guessing based upon looks alone. It’s cool that you make your own acquariums. I remember you trying some 3D stepped stuff and posting sketches on graph paper some months back. Way cooler than a boring rectangle \ elongated cube.
  8. NY files suit against oil companies.

    EOM makes more every single minute/hour than they’re likely to lose in any lawsuit. I think your sense of scale here may be slightly off. Does your accounting include costs of future damages from storms, health issues, wars from drought and famine, etc?
  9. I will! What kind of joinery do you use for your projects?
  10. That’s excellent! I have to imagine length of the string and composition matter. Fishing line could help. Spacing between the balls likely plays a role, so consequently where you attach the strings to your structure. Also, I suspect you want that structure to be as rigid as possible so it doesn’t “radiate” the energy outward with vibrations.
  11. Damnit. So much for that idea It would be so much easier if I had someone to help me with my questions... to offer the occasional guidance or encouragement... but alas... like so many other areas of my life, I’m stuck going after it alone with sheer grit and stubbornness and forced to “hoist” upon my own petard. Really appreciate that post, btw. Thank you
  12. Use metal. Most woods are too soft. Absorbs too much of the impact. Okay, so shoot me straight, fellas. I’m new to this. Smart, but lacking practice. Experienced, but in a very different domain. I attempted my first dovetail last weekend. Bought my first table saw over thanksgiving. Sharpened my first chisel set over Christmas. Should I attempt a farmhouse style table for the dining room, or just buy one?
  13. Hardest word for you to spell

  14. Hardest word for you to spell

    Cancelled. Or, is it canceled? Me, too.
  15. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    If, on the other hand, he had said "This victim risk mitigation response only happens when assaults on women or members of other persecuted/ pressed groups are involved." he would have been much more nearly perfectly correct. Agreed