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  1. Maybe usernames could be manually changed by an Admin to “ALUMNI-NoLongerActive” or some similar. That would allow posts to remain and thread continuity to persist. Perhaps profile info could be wiped clean, email removed, login deactivated But why? It’s. A. Private. Site. It’s not a government database. Not a corporate interest. No commercial activity has occurred. No PII collected. You agreed to the T&Cs upon registering. If you weren’t comfortable with those, you shouldn’t have clicked Agree and proceeded.
  2. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    "If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, 'Hold on a second. I need to check with the President if it's true.'" [Trump voter Mark Lee to CNN / Alisyn Camerota]
  3. Al Franken's funniest moment

    Another woman has come forward. She says AF fully cupped her ass cheek while having a picture of the two of them taken by her husband at the fair. This would've happened after he was already a senator back in 2010 and she posted about it at the time on her FB page:
  4. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    My irony meter just broke. This tiny quote serves as a disheartening illustration of just how far we’ve fallen as a populace.
  5. Why is life after death really not possible?

    I believe he struggles with pain across the majority of his days. I suspect it’s enormously frustrating that our treatment options are so ridiculously limited and that we can’t yet give a pill or perform a simple surgery to stop it. To your deeper point, though, this doesn’t accurately lead to the conclusion that we don’t understand pain receptors.
  6. Black hole?

    Blackholes matter! No, ALL holes matter!
  7. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Yes, of course. Poor people struggling to feed dinner to their kids have the same freedom to pay high priced tax attorneys to hide the tiny sums of money they have as do people who inherited insane wealth through no hard work of their own. Duh.
  8. Al Franken's funniest moment

    I found this explainer helpful:
  9. Al Franken's funniest moment

    Then I hit my target
  10. Misty concepts

    You do know, right, that it’s Saturday and people do other things than wait with baited breath just to respond to your posts on this board?
  11. Al Franken's funniest moment

    Maybe “gooder,” then?
  12. Hey folks... I put that link to the other thread there for a reason. The idea of compulsory voting definitely makes for interesting discussion. Just don’t do it here in this thread, please. Now, speaking of the rise of white nationalism... is that flame getting hotter or already slowly extinguishing? Can we help to snuff it out more quickly somehow?

    Yes, it’s code word clearance and above. I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.
  14. Misty concepts

    Just share the Methods section of your paper, or look at a paper with a Methods section to understand what people are asking.