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  1. Voluntary Brain Energy Relief

    Can't please everyone
  2. Voluntary Brain Energy Relief

    Protip: Stop using the word "energy" to describe what you're feeling. It makes the idea look like nonsense. It's quite possible there's a real effect happening here. Encourage you to learn the technical language well enough to research and describe it accurately so your ideas are taken seriously.
  3. Taxation

    Side bar: Useful context for those who speak of our corporate tax rate being high and suffocating businesses. Not quite.
  4. Voluntary Brain Energy Relief

    You should measure it with objective equipment. Confirm it's not "all in your head."
  5. How Long Earth Can Stand The Pollution?

    I'm certain we will encounter problems and have zero doubt we will need to take massive action to address the suffering we will inevitably cause (human suffering, animal suffering, plant die-offs, etc.). The issues of agriculture and feeding our population, fighting over drinkable water, and evacuating coastal areas are the most immediate in my mind. Unfortunately, I don't have a good article or publication to share with you and these are just my thoughts, but I'm also not an expert in this space. Like you, I'm just an interested observer who cares. As for your question about being scared, try to remember: Fear doesn't help us to think rationally and solve big problems, and rational thinking about big solutions is exactly what we need right now.
  6. Even after self-driving cars become ubiquitous, there will likely still be roads without clear markings, bad weather conditions like snow and ice, and related circumstances where manual human intervention will be required and training/licensing still required.
  7. Taxation

    Too often, we shutdown and close our eyes entirely to approaches and ideas by simply applying labels... liberal/conservative... socialist/capitalist... right/left... Keynesian/Randian... instead of focusing more simply and intelligently on what works and what is efficient relative to what we actually need and would do the most good.
  8. Terrorism? Or just politics as usual?

    And via what communication channel...
  9. Taxation

    In my attempt to explain the idea using everyday relatable terms, I chose a bad example. You're correct. My apologies. The same challenges I highlighted still apply. Flat tax disproportionately hurts the poor and middle class while disproportionately helping the already wealthy.
  10. Here:
  11. How Long Earth Can Stand The Pollution?

    The challenge with your question is we must make certain assumptions about the global political response. Before we can model the possible future, we must start by making decisions about humans will change their behaviors (and predictions are hard, especially about the future!). The answer will be extremely different if we stop polluting 100% immediately than it will be if we gradually stop polluting over the next 100 or 1,000 years or if we don't change at all. Note that I include CO2 in my use of the word "pollution," but intend to refer to more than just that. Earth has survived massive comet impacts, extreme volcanic and seismic activity, has gone through ice ages and solar storms and hosted vast epochs of life and change and much more. The earth will be fine. It's us and the other life on it that could be in trouble. Some useful information and helpful links available for you to explore here:
  12. Taxation

    In fact, in more than half of the US 50 states, grocery items are completely exempt from sales tax (or taxed at a drastically reduced rate). This is not, however, the case in Outrider's home state of Alabama so the confusion is understandable.
  13. This blog post just hit my feed this morning. Seemed relevant here: I really liked that last part about "what do we get" if they "win?" This race to the bottom where we're continually eroding the floor beneath us does nobody any favors...
  14. What Is Americas Biggest Problem?

    In case anyone's wondering why support from a state governor for a senate bill matters here, it's because Ducey is from Arizona, the same state Senator John McCain represents, and McCain previously said he'd vote for or against GOP healthcare bills based on what Ducey wants for his state. McCain famously turned his thumb downward in dramatic fashion on the senate floor just a few short weeks ago and saved millions of Americans from losing their coverage. It's not very promising that he'll repeat that show of strength and character this time The fact that McCain has stated he will align with the wishes of his state governor on this, coupled with the fact that this bill is being driven by his absolute best friend in congress...essentially a brother in everything but genetics... Senator Lindsay Graham... coupled with the fact that citizens seem to have lost interest in this topic and news coverage is absent (focused instead on hurricanes and North Korea and DACA and Trumps speech at the UN and ad infinitum...) has many quite worried we'll have a much different outcome with healthcare protections this time. We all know the old saying: If at first you don't succeed, try 73 more times, lie about what you're doing, do it when nobody's watching, and act contrary to the wishes of the majority until you do!
  15. Some like to provoke others then claim oppression and persecution when others respond. It's a bit like a child jabbing their finger into their siblings eye then running to tattle to mommy and daddy and whoever else will listen when said sibling responds by punching them in the throat. Saying Sammy Boy is acting like a child probably isn't fair, though. Most children I know are far more capable of approaching discussions and their participants with respect. Paradoxically, ignorance like Sammy's tends to be learned/taught.