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  1. Corrupt thesis document

    Well, for God's sake (and you own) make a paper copy of what you can get, whatever the font. If nothing else, you can write what you see on the screen by hand. Even if you have to copy the information in the file by hand, then type it into a new file, that's better than losing it. I'm not sure what you mean by "Changing the font, however, is no option. Don't feel like doing that." Why not? It is the information in the file that is important. I would try changing the font, if that is necessary, save it to a different file, open that new file in WORD and see if I couldn't change the font back in that new file.
  2. The Cause of Prime Numbers ( Suggestion)

    "Casting out nines' says that if you add the digits of any number, and, if the result has more than one digit, add digits again, repeating until you have a single digit, the result will be the remainder when the original number is divided by 9. For example, the sum of digits of 3242747 is 3+ 2+ 4+ 2+ 7+ 4+ 7= 29, 2+ 9= 11, 1+ 1= 2. 9 divides into 3242747 360305 times with remainder 2. As you can see from the Wikipedia article studio links to, this method is over a thousand years old.
  3. Portable ceiling Fan

    I don't know exactly what you are asking but surely it is NOT about a "ceiling fan". A ceiling fan uses electricity to cool a room. It does not produce or store electricity so CANNOT be used for "power backup".
  4. Light near a gravitational field.

    But there is something wrong with asking if an observer would notice a change in the light "as it approaches". While the light is approaching the observer he cannot yet observe it! If "as it approaches" refers to approaching the black hole, again, the observer won't notice any "change", he only sees the light at one instant.
  5. Light near a gravitational field.

    If you are thinking of the wave property of light as an "up down motion" in space then, yes, you are misunderstanding. The "wave" is an "increase, decrease" of the electro-magnetic field strength.
  6. shockwaves in space

    No "shock wave" would be involved. It just means that since the light from the sun takes a little more than 8 minutes to travel the approximately 93 million miles from the sun to the earth, we would see the sun "go out" only a little more than 8 minutes later. I don't know what "shockwave" you are talking about.
  7. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    You give a single example and call it a "trend". What "trend" are you talking about and what evidence do you have that it is a "trend"?
  8. Diophantine equation

    I don't know why you are using "brute force" as you call it when you already had the solution staring at you! You have "either x+ 2y= 5 or x- 2y= 1". If x+ 2y= 5 then, for every y, x= 5- 2y. Solutions, in (x, y) form, are (5, 0). (3, 1), (1, 2). (-1. 3), ..., (5- 2y, y) for y non-negative and (7. -1), (9. -2). (11, -3),... for y negative. If x- 2y= 1 then, for every y, x= 2y+ 1. Solutions are (1, 0), (3, 1). (5, 2), (7, 3), ... for y non-negative and (-1, -1), (-3, -2), (-5, -3), ... for y negative. Those at are the solutions: $\{(5- 2y, y)\}\cup\{(2y+1, y)\}$ for y any integer.
  9. Misty concepts

    Not quite. The "wavelets", as you call them, are not "an electric and magnetic field". They are waves in the ambient electro- magnetic field that pervades space.
  10. develompment domains

    Do your homework for you?
  11. Why do we have to write so many highschool papers?

    I'll just add this: you say "I'm not about pursuing writing as a career. I'm thinking about doing nuclear engineering." What nuclear engineers do most is write! In fact, what physicists, mathematicians, engineers in general, etc. etc. do most is write. They all may do many different kinds of things but they are of no use if they are not conveyed to other people. A nuclear engineer, for example, will spend most of his time writing proposals, reports, etc.
  12. The problem appears to be that you are using the word "dimension" in a very strange, non-standard, way. What is your definition of "dimension"?
  13. "but all the matrix examples I've seen so far seem to use much simpler, single digit numbers". So it is the arithmetic that is stopping you? Using x, y, and z as unknowns, the equations are 2270x+ 1800y= 15. -1800x+ 3480y- 680z= 0 -680y- 1150z= -8 Noticing that "y" is the only unknown to appear in all three equations, I would solve the first and third equation for x and z in terms of y: x= (15- 1800y)/2270= (3- 160y)/454. z= (8- 680y)/1150= (4- 340y)/575. So the middle equation becomes -1800((3- 160y)/454)+ 3480y- 680((4- 340y)/575)= 0. Use a calculator if those numbers are too much for you.
  14. gravity force

    What does this, "a force of .5kg at 40 meters /sec velocity", mean? A mass moving at a given speed has momentum, not "force". Are you talking about the force the mass applies to the floor, say, when it hits the floor (and is equal to the force the floor applies to stop it). That depends upon the time required to stop which itself depends upon the elasticity of the floor- mass duo.
  15. Need opinion on project

    I am going to hope, very seriously, that you are fourteen or 15 year old high school student doing this for a class project. If you really are "a scientist working for a government organization on producing new energy sources for the planet" then I cringe for our planet. Even a college student should be able to do calculations, which you say you have done, to show that the energy cost of putting a satellite in orbit, then bring it back to discharge a battery, will far greater than any energy that battery could hold!