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  1. For those who like pi mysteries

  2. Democracy, a political ideal?

    Do you have a question? Note: American revolution predated the French. Also England was evolving toward democracy at this time.
  3. Finding accurate estimates of square roots.

    There is a method, which I learned in elementary school (4th grade?) called "digit by digit". It is one section of the following.
  4. Finding accurate estimates of square roots.

    It looks like you have a slightly more complicated version of the usual method. Let S be the number you want to get the square root of and x the square root. Let x_0 be your first guess (in your example 43) and calculate x_(n+1)=(x_n+S/x_n)/2. The x_n's will converge to x.
  5. Ancient Greek Inventions/Discoveries Still Used Today

    Why are you calling the Olympics a discovery?
  6. The Birds (movie)

    This movie was made (1963) long before computers were involved in movie making. How did Hitchcock get the birds to do what they did in the movie?
  7. Does this theorem falsify macrorealism?

    I won't try to read the paper, but if assertion is correct, it sounds like the theorem is nonsense.
  8. For this and the other questions you have asked, you need to understand refraction.
  9. fraud or scam warning

    I received a phone message today with a call back no. 800-549-5301. It claimed my Windows license has expired. I check no. with reverse phone directory. Many have received this call - obvious scam. Microsoft does not communicate via phone, only e-mail.
  10. Nuclei of a atom

    Your assertions contradict reality. How can you justify them?
  11. purpose of planets

    If you believe in god, then things must have a purpose. Otherwise things are the way they are due to the laws of physics.
  12. Simple searching

    Google - "upper landing" definition. You will get what you want.
  13. Expanding Universe Causing The Seasons?

    Seasons are dependent on which side of the equator your at. In North America, summer is June 21 to Sep 23. In most of South America, summer is Dec 21 to Mar 21.
  14. Huygens Principle

    Could you give a reference for this information?
  15. keyboard lock

    On occasion my keyboard locks up. IBM thinkpad, Windows 7. It occurs when I am typing a message in a forum like now. Fortunately my mouse still works, so I can save the (incomplete) message and then restart the computer, freeing the keyboard. Any ideas why it is happening and is there a simpler way to free the keyboard?