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  1. Blu-ray Audio Issues - A three-pipe problem?

    Could it be something as simple as having accidentally toggled "Audio: OFF"? That's what it sounds like, since neither the disks nor the machine have changed. The previews and the merchandizing would still be aurally active, but the movie sound wouldn't play.
  2. The Kim regime has been urging farmers to use human feces for fertilizer for a few years now. The propaganda seems to have taken hold and it's described as the best thing for growing crops.
  3. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Puerto Rico agrees. Black athletes agree. The anti-fascist movement agrees.
  4. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Don't forget the fact that he hasn't paid taxes since the Carter administration. His goal his whole life has been to avoid paying his fair share towards a system that has helped him maintain great wealth. Unless anyone is foolish enough to believe Trump could have succeeded without all the underhandedness. Maybe that's why truth doesn't matter anymore. Too many folks gave up on being good people because the bad ones were getting everything.
  5. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    Besides approving of a through-the-teeth liar because he's also a salesman (and gosh, thanks for assuming all salesmen lie), I don't understand the whole "We need a ruthless businessman as our leader" mentality. I can only imagine that Trump supporters are no different than the rest of us, and have at one point or another been totally screwed over by a ruthless business practice. It's insane to wish that upon our fellow citizens. This isn't like hiring the toughest lawyer to defend you in court. Trump is lying to the people who put him in office like the ruthless, care-only-for-the-deal businessman who has screwed over everybody at least once in their lives. Whether it was the insurance company who denied your mother's claim, or the contractor who took your money and ran, or the private company who promised clean drinking water for your community but gave you lead poisoning instead, or the corporate raider who bought the company you sweat your life for so they could sell it for parts, or the company who raised the price of the medication you need to survive by a couple of orders of magnitude, we've all been victims of the ruthless businessman/Trump mindset. The experiences were horrible, life-wrenching, and abominable. They kept our potential diminished, and reduced our overall happiness. And now a guy who lives to be ruthless is our leader. He's helping the uber-rich lean even more on the pool table to ensure they'll win... everything, I guess. What they have now is not enough, and I think they understand that folks like tar will believe and support them in their ruthlessness. There is no middle ground. It's the villiainaire's game (billionaire villains), and they ABSOLUTELY need you to stay and play it, but they don't actually want you to do very well. Especially if your not white and not grateful.
  6. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground Daniel T. Gilbert from the U of Austin wrote about how belief in a mental system works, and apparently our minds MUST start out accepting a lie in order to then dispute it. If you don't do the required checking of what people say for veracity, you're automatically inclined to believe the lie. When someone lies almost constantly about everything, with no filters on whether it's a big lie (black people are overwhelmingly responsible for white murders) or a small one (Walt Disney painted the tiles in Trump's bathroom), people listening are overloaded and their brains stop questioning the lies. I think Trump knows this very well. Putin does.
  7. Misty concepts

    ! Moderator Note No more trolling, thread closed, account review pending.
  8. A Major software screwup

    That's the word I should have used. Without it, my description was "totally illogical".
  9. Right. So you were being sensationalistic with the comment about us eating all the other lifeforms. I can hardly believe there's a decent conservative argument for this and similar moves in the US, so I have to call extremist capitalism. It's costing someone profit to remain humane, so guess what's got to go?
  10. Don't you think investment into existing cultured meats technology will tend to offset this scenario when it becomes a greater problem?
  11. A Major software screwup

    When this happened to me elsewhere, I had accidentally approved the suggestion somehow, unknowingly. It was my error but the software's fault.
  12. A Major software screwup

    Was it one of your previous titles? If so, it could be the software thinking it was helping by suggesting titles you've used before, and you didn't catch the change?
  13. First Interstellar Asteroid Observed

    Legitimacy is all perspective. I think you said that once. I'll do a search.
  14. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    ! Moderator Note No. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. At a certain point, it becomes obvious you aren't accepting any of the explanations given. And whether you're purposely trolling or simply don't understand that you need to try to study physics before deciding it's wrong, it makes no difference to these discussions. It's a whole lot of effort wasted on someone who seems unwilling to take knowledge on board as it's presented. Thread closed. No more like this. Please go study physics. Or better yet, stay and ask questions instead of this guesswork revisionism.
  15. First Interstellar Asteroid Observed

    Proving that the gravity these migrants take is gravity nobody else wanted anyway.