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  1. Hmm, interesting. conanpackages.cmake tries to load conanbuildinfo.cmake, but that doesn't exist and isn't in the Git repository. Maybe post an issue on the GitHub and ask the maintainer what's going on? Not sure I know how to debug CMake scripts.
  2. Does the rtl-sdr package cover what you want, or is there some specific additional software from that page that you need?
  3. What happens if you try installing the gnuradio package from the Ubuntu software repositories? All those dependencies should be installed automatically by apt.
  4. Could you be more specific about what happens and which members?
  5. Could you give me some examples of links which no longer work? If you hover your mouse over the "2 hours ago" text, you should get the exact date and time. Relative times are for some reason fashionable now. I just found the setting for this and enabled it, for posts made within an hour of each other.
  6. I had a relationship fail because my partner was afraid this would happen, although it didn't. The fear turned out to be worse than the baggage itself. Instead of being afraid you'll never get over your exes, and letting that fear dictate what you do next, move forward and try to make your new relationship the best it can be.
  7. As this claim is speculation, unfounded in science, it belongs in the Speculations section; however, the Speculations rules state: So I will skip a step and close this thread directly. Please do not post unfounded speculation in the science forums, or as answers to scientific discussions.
  8. Yes, this behavior shouldn't have changed much between versions.
  9. I don't expect the spammers are coordinated enough to remember that SFN converts their links to plain text, and avoid us in the future. I'm guessing it's semi-automated and they're just presented lists of sites to register on. The software only knows the last page on SFN you visited, but has no way of knowing if you subsequently left to view another site -- it doesn't get any live information from you while you're looking at the page. So if I close SFN after making this post, I'll be listed as viewing this thread for another ten or twenty minutes until my session times out.
  10. I tried disabling links for new members recently, but apparently that just disables the button in the editor toolbar, and you can still paste in text with links. So that's not working. We have a CAPTCHA (Google's reCAPTCHA 2) to filter out bots, plus a custom question in registration. Every registration is sent to the IPS spam service before it's allowed through. Unfortunately the spam service checks registrations, not posts, so those who make it through are not subsequently checked. There are plugins available to check registrations against a different spam service as well. We used one of those before the upgrade, but it still didn't catch everything. Unfortunately there aren't well-supported plugins to check the text of posts for spam. Anything we write ourselves would have to be maintained through upgrades and software changes for several years, which would be a burden. So we're a bit stuck. If someone could write us a plugin to send 5000 volts to spammers over the Internet, that'd be great.
  11. It doesn't delete it -- it makes the rest of the post bold, as you can see in studiot's example. It assumes the tag ends at the end of the post. I don't recall IPB 3.6 having this behavior, and I'd rather it leave the tag untouched than assume it should apply to the rest of the post.
  12. Wow, seven years since I started this thread and it's still alive. Agreed, this book is excellent, along with its sequel Dark Sun about the hydrogen bomb. Brilliantly written. Admittedly my own reading has started to lean towards history instead of science. Some interesting science books I've read in the past few years: Primates and Philosophers, by Frans de Waal and others, in the form of an extended essay by de Waal and responses to his points. de Waal is a primatologist, and the book is about the origins of moral behavior in humans, with de Waal pointing out basic elements of sympathy and empathy visible in the great apes, and the respondents entering extended argument about to what extent this suggests human morality is entirely evolved instead of invented. The Better Angels of Our Nature, by Steven Pinker. Pinker is probably the best scientist I've read at writing an extended and well-researched argument. Again on the theme of morality, and why violence has declined over the centuries. The SFN crowd may also enjoy these less sciency books: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, by Richard Hoftsadter. Written in 1964, giving a long history of anti-intellectual ideas (including anti-science ideas) in the United States since its colonization. Broken up into discussions of religion (including more history of American religion than I had ever encountered before), politics, culture, and education, and remarkably even-handed for a book on this subject. (It doesn't consist simply of a bunch of snark about what uncultured morons Americans are.) Double Star, by Robert Heinlein. A fun sci-fi story about an actor hired to double for the solar system's most prominent politician, unexpectedly finding himself in deeper than he expected. Amusing to see the 1950s vision of the future: spacecraft easily fly to Mars, but government records have to be kept on microfilm on the Moon -- no Internet or advanced computers.
  13. Blurgh. Does it maybe think that B in square brackets should mean the bold BBCode, even though BBCode is going away in favor of the allegedly-WYSIWYG editor? A test: this will be bold if BBCode still works I adjusted the super/subscript icons, so hopefully you should be able to access them. edit: yes, it does think that. Why does BBCode still work?! And why did the tag work in your post without the corresponding closing tag?
  14. After a bit of further research, it seems the current session expiration time is 24 minutes: if you haven't done anything in 24 minutes, PHP will expunge your session records. studiot, maybe you could do a quick experiment by logging in, setting a 25-minute timer, and seeing if you're logged out when you return? If so, that's something I can tweak in our configuration. I'm not sure whether it changed since the previous version, but we did change PHP versions, so maybe something is different now.
  15. I just tested logging in without "Keep me logged in" checked, and the cookie was set to expire in November. So there shouldn't be such a rapid timeout. Are you on an ISP which frequently changes your IP address? If your IP changes, you'll be logged out. That was the case with the previous version too, so maybe you got unlucky with an IP change this time. I can disable the IP address check, though I'm not sure of the security implications.