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  1. No. This says it all.
  2. My calculation was based on their "pretend" mass change, rather than any model of how the energy was held.
  3. Really? What's it used for?
  4. Is this an entry for the competition to make longest thread about a fake video? It's an old joke Just to prolong the agony, I rather suspect that the chips use error correcting codes. the practical outcome of which is that the number of 1s ad 0s won't actually depend strongly on the data. So the actual stored energy associated with the transistors is even smaller than you might first expect. Now to really put the cat among the pigeons: Does the T Delta S term for the entropy of the encoded data mean that (except at absolute zero) there is energy associated with the randomness of the bits?
  5. Seriously guys- do the maths. Or just look at the other vids they produced.
  6. It's the same in English. Much the same issue applies to "a man eating fish" which is a long standing joke.
  7. Indeed- the point I was making was that it'snot just the weight of the roof you need to account for. Someone might want to stand on the roof to work on it.
  8. The requirements for snow loading may also differ.
  9. Would you like to calculate roughly how sensitive the balance would need to be.
  10. They assert that the mass change is 0.186 mg or 1.86E-7 Kg Equivalent to a stored energy of 16 GJ or about 4 tonnes of TNT That's just silly. It's fake.
  11. Is this an April fool gag or something? There is, in principle, a tiny change in mass due to a change in the stored energy. It would be impossible to measure it directly in this way.
  12. Here's an interesting thought for you... Gout is due to too much uric acid in the body. Uric acid is, essentially, a degradation product of DNA. If only there was a way to get rid of "spare" DNA...
  13. "Also know, the Sodium Ascorbate decompose at ~300ºC to make Sodium Oxide, but it´s very cheap" I doubt that. Why wouldn't it give the (more stable) carbonate?
  14. Not really; that's the prostate gland's job. However the only plausible mechanism by which it would be possible to get any nutritional deficiency would be if you were too busy ejaculating to remember to eat.