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  1. Develop inmunity against poisons and toxins

    It will work for some things, but not others. Here's the interesting question: how do you know if it worked?
  2. Frequency limits for the equipment

    For special purposes (In aviation) the range also includes about 400 Hz
  3. Mass shooting Las Vegas, Oct. 2. 2017

    It doesn't seem that way. The mass killers always seem to have hatfulls of guns.
  4. It's nice that you will come back. It's nicer to know that you are going to the doctor.
  5. Yes, and when people use the word "evolution" in this context it's the evolution of life. You don't start life by evolving life.
  6. Because they are different. For example, evolution is still clearly happening today- antibiotic resistance, dog breeding and so on prove this. It's not clear that abiogenesis is still going on (it might be, but there's no evidence).
  7. Differentiability of the acceleration

    If you have something whose position varies sinusoidally with time then the acceleration is a cosine curve and the derivative of that is a sine function so you are back to where you started. You can keep differentiating as often as you like- the functions are all well behaved. There's a similar situation with an object moving in a circle. The acceleration is always towards the centre of the circle and the rate of change of the acceleration is circular too. You can differentiate as much as you want.
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Here's a hint Could you list the professions that have succeeded? The sad truth is that there's nothing very spectacular about "Hollywood". This inequality is very widespread. One might hope that our politicians, film stars and other "celebrities" would set a good example; instead they demonstrate the truth of the assertion that power corrupts.
  9. The Cause of Prime Numbers ( Suggestion)

    Or that adding up even numbers gives an even number. 2+0 =2 It's laughable that you need anything complicated to prove it.
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    Would you like to list the professions where it doesn't exist? Here's an interesting example; albeit rather late in the day, Weinstein is being held to account and sacked. Trump was made president. What kind of message does that send to women who are considering reporting this sort of issue? In the interest of fairness, feel free to consider Bill Clinton instead of Donald Trump.
  11. Compostable food packaging

    One reason why Aluminium is easy to recycle is that the process of melting it removes a lot of contaminants. The dregs of beer or cola in a drinks tin stop being a problem by the time it has reached 600 C or thereabouts. It is true that it's easy to pick out of a waste stream- the same is even more so for iron/steel; you just need a magnet. Glass was recycled well by simply making sure that the milkman picked up the empties when he dropped off the mil;k on the doorstep. (Or by having a small army of kids who valued the 6d they could get by returning a bottle to the shop.) It would be better to have compostable packing for food, but there are two mutually exclusive requirements. The packing needs to prevent /retard decomposition of the food in storage yet it needs to decompose when it's useful life is over. That might be possible, but it's not clear how to make it cheap. Perhaps everything should be packed in aluminium tins.
  12. Intelligence test

    Spot the difference. OK, set up a test of memory and see if the results are linked to date of birth. Or even look at the dates of birth of famous athletes- presumably their physical energy is above the norm. I think you will find a small effect of season of the year, but not one for phase of the moon. Come back with data I might even help out with the analysis. Here's a start. Find the dates of birth of this lot; most of them will be on line somewhere
  13. Alternating electrodeposition...

    In that case the cathode would be plated almost entreaty with copper because it's much easier to reduce to the metal than tin is. Plating with alloys is possible, but difficult.
  14. Heisenberg uncertainty principles

    Well, good for you. It is an important result, but it's not news.
  15. So, how long would it take the monkey to type out Hamlet?

    Yes, he's a primate but since he's not a monkey (he's one of the great apes), your suggestion doesn't work.