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  1. Capacitor experiments?

    Electric field. From the wires carrying the AC. As already mentioned. You said you were doing this with AC The word changes does not have quotes around it in my post. Why are they there in the quote of my post? Did you edit them in? A static E field from a DC will accelerate charges, since F = qE But you should really bring it up in the Millikan thread. Unless you're talking about AC, in which case it's not a Millikan experiment. You rarely make sense to me.
  2. Capacitor experiments?

    If you have charges on a metal surface, they will respond to changes in the electric field at any given point, and you will measure a voltage on your oscilloscope. Since it's AC, the signal should go through zero. Also, the probe itself will affect the charge on the plates, especially one that's 10 cm across. You have a 10 cm ball. There can be currents flowing on the surface of it.
  3. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    For harassment, probably yes. AFAIK these issues are handled locally and do not involve the authorities. (e.g. in lots of cases it would be reported to human resources. They still report to the higher-ups) For assault, you still have the institutional and social pressures even when a criminal act has taken place and could be investigated by police, so until those are removed, such crimes will probably be vastly under-reported.
  4. Capacitor experiments?

    This may just be acting like an antenna. You're picking up the mains frequency; the field is driving a current on the ball. Which may be happening with the capacitor plates, too.
  5. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Quite often the people being accused are cogs in the machinery that would investigate the infractions (in the case of harassment), or otherwise have influence. They risk being fired or having their careers stalled simply for making the accusation.
  6. Measuring gravitational waves

    No, it would be the same. It's invariant.
  7. We were discussing Q value, not activity, and there is no speculation here.
  8. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Indeed. And the problem is that the victims in these cases are treated very differently as compared to victims of other crimes, as are the perpetrators.
  9. Measuring gravitational waves

    What is the practical difference between the two cases?
  10. Milikan's oil drop experiment?

    There is no cancellation in this geometry. What you had said that I was responding to, and repeated above. The "summing" of their charges (which is something you have made up here) does not have a cancellation effect. There is no physics that justifies the summing. There is no cancellation in this geometry. repeating it does not make it true. Give a reason backed up by physics for claiming that you can sum the charges, and gives cancellation. If you want people to diagnose your experiments, start a new thread. These are not the Millikan oil drop experiment. AC does not necessarily give the same results as DC.
  11. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    My objection still holds. HRC mishandled classified material, yet it was deemed not at a level where imprisonment was appropriate. Is she guilty or innocent? Moore dated teenagers as a thirtysomething, which is creepy. He is alleged to have committed offenses which cannot be prosecuted. Is he guilty or innocent? But this artificially constrains the discussion. Not all crimes yield physical evidence.
  12. Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

    ! Moderator Note Posting to advertise your site is against our rules
  13. why lepton?

    User titles http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/104-user-titles/
  14. In solid form I think you are correct, but in glass it's dispersed.
  15. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    A huge difference here is that Moore has not been investigated for a crime (and owing to the statute of limitations, likely won't), and HRC was thoroughly investigated multiple times for her alleged crimes. And to claim there is no evidence against Moore is laughable. There are multiple eyewitnesses: the ones who have come forward. I would also raise a distinction on the subject of innocence. In this context it's a false dichotomy. You can be guilty of one transgression and still not guilty of the transgression you are being accused of. I've seen some comments elsewhere describing Moore as a rapist, but I don't know that anyone has actually accused him of that (attempted rape, yes) So you can think of him as innocent of rape but not innocent of other charges. Same for HRC.
  16. Somalia and Aid?

    ! Moderator Note So it's subject to copyright and you should not have posted the entire article (I have snipped most of it), and you should have included a link to it. The link at the Independent seems to be dead, so this will suffice http://africaunauthorised.com/?p=1311
  17. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Sexual harassment is against the law. Sexual assault is a crime. So let's dispense with the fiction that unlawful behavior is not in play here. We've talked to our daughters for generations. Maybe we should be talking to our sons, since they are the ones exhibiting the objectionable behavior. Women get talked to about how to avoid putting themselves in vulnerable situations, but men do not get the same institutional dialogue on not assaulting or harassing women. You are painting this with a very broad brush. Have you considered that women who seek out power (in your terms) are not the ones coming forth with harassment claims? Have you considered that the reason some women might go to some lengths to improve their appearance is because that's the only way they can advance with men in power? Because they have no power to do so on merit alone? Do you really think men kept their hands to themselves back when "women wore hats"? Far more many women have been assaulted and/or harassed. The straw man here is couching this as "playing the victim" which implies that there was no inappropriate behavior in the first place. Anyone who has been harassed or assaulted is not "playing the victim". The situations under discussion are not treated the same way as most other crimes. If someone is burgled, the reaction of bystanders is not "Why do you own such fancy stuff? You were asking for it to be taken!" The police generally do not dissuade you from trying to press charges. People don't rush to the defense of the burglar, saying how he's such a nice guy, and why are you trying to ruin his reputation? So this is not so simple as "innocent until proven guilty" and should not be cast as such.
  18. Isn't a cone symmetric in only 2 dimensions?

    No, I meant don't quote me in this thread, and don't use out-of-context statements from my posts as justification for any of your nonsense. Hi Strange. I can present evidence that "the orbits are not symmetric as stated above." Instead (improved), should have read: I can present evidence that the orbits are not "that" symmetric or that the (single symmetric axis, 2D egg) orbits are not "completely" symmetric (as an ellipse with 2 symmetric axii=), as stated above. (But that (evidence) is only based on a (slanted) cone cut (math (derivation)=plane intersection) that is NOT an ellipse. A similar derivation (=slanted cut, plane intersectionon) on a cylinder produces an ellipse. E.g. Why do I get such results, when the text books say otherwise? Why bother using a cone (cut, at all), when a cylinder will do? Thus something is wrong, please check.) ! Moderator Note Saying that you can present evidence is not what was asked of you. The evidence was asked for. Getting an answer that disagrees with mainstream physics is not evidence that mainstream physics is wrong. It is much more likely evidence that you have made a mistake. But since you don't actually present any evidence, nobody can see where that mistake was made. The egg thread was locked, and Klaynos presented a link showing how you can derive elliptical orbits from Kepler (and thus, by extension, Newton). You don't get bring it up in another thread. The question asked in the OP has been answered.
  19. Is that the problem, as opposed to lead solder used in the electronics?
  20. mars's atmosphere

    There are regions that get below 90K https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/jpl/pia20020/titan-temperature-lag-maps-animation
  21. When is justice ever justified?

    Sure it does. What is punished under the law is not consistent between cultures.
  22. mars's atmosphere

    No oxygen to speak of. I imagine it would tend to liquify at night.
  23. mars's atmosphere

    Is its composition identical to earth's? (also, Titan is a lot colder, as you note)
  24. mars's atmosphere

    How would it be more dense with weaker gravity?
  25. Isn't a cone symmetric in only 2 dimensions?

    And you claimed that orbits weren't symmetric. That's the context of my statement. So kindly leave me out of this.