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  1. That was part of my point. Chanting Nazi slogans, displaying swastikas, having certain tattoos, etc. is evidence that they adhere to the Nazi "ideals". It's not like everybody walks around saying "Heil Trump"
  2. Hmm. Really. I guess I'm more in the "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck" camp.
  3. You can make an object spin faster without energy input by lowering the moment of inertia. Figure skaters do this. But to do this continually, the object has to keep getting smaller. That has obvious limits.
  4. Note that those are two distinct things. Why can't you do the former? A statue celebrates and honors the existence of some one or thing. Not having statues of Hitler around does not erase him from history.
  5. Chanting Nazi slogans and giving the Sieg Heil salute are insufficient to determine intent?
  6. Most of the statues were erected in the 20th-21st century and many mass-produced, as part of intimidation tactics associated with Jim Crow laws and later during the civil rights movement. https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/8/15/16153220/trump-confederate-statues
  7. Particles have to be indistinguishable with regard to the state that is entangled. i.e. if you entangle the polarization of photons, you can't have that polarization be associated with the direction of emission. That doesn't require co-location, but it makes the process easier. AFAIK, virtual particles have nothing to do with this. That is a separate topic.
  8. How can someone who commits treason be considered a hero? Article III section 3 Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
  9. George III, perhaps?
  10. It's a false dichotomy, it's largely philosophy, and there are many instances where the description of the physics is just wrong. e.g. Feynman diagrams are presented as part of physical realism? Seriously?
  11. At a very basic level, a hologram is 2 spatial coordinates and a phase, which act as the third spatial coordinate. So you can do a transformation between a 3D system and a holographic one. And all of this ignores that model are not reality. A ten dimensional model works, but that does not mean that reality is ten-dimensional.
  12. Coincidences happen. With famous/well-known/highly-scrutinized lives there are simply more facts with which to make connections. The fact that they were elected 100 years apart is going to give rise to a whole bunch of coincident dates being 100 years apart. These are dependent, not independent, probabilities. (i.e. they are not random events) Also, the Monroe, Maryland item is debunked in the snopes link (Monroe died in '62, so the claim is not possible). It's a bit of humor that this infographic's creator apparently took seriously.
  13. The spooky action is instantaneous (or nearly so). No information is communicated to you faster than c. You know the state of both particles when you make the measurement, because that information is contained in what you measure. The "spooky action" and information transfer are separate concepts in entanglement. It is a mistake to conflate them.
  14. Funny (not ha-ha funny) how such curiosity about parenting/upbringing and possible fragility of psyche is investigated for white terrorists, but nobody else gets the same level of apologetics.
  15. ! Moderator Note The short answer is that the staff decided it would be better to have one, since religious topics repeatedly crop up, often from people who thing religious texts are science books. But... The possible irony involved does not give you leave to violate the rules you agreed to when you joined. Posting to advertise your blog is against the rules. Soapboxing is against the rules (which includes your bait-and-switch tactic in the OP, which also violates the rule about staying on topic). Since the question has been addressed, this is closed.