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  1. Black holes have no optical signal to correlate with the GW signal. So, AFAIK, that has no effect. But VIRGO being online does, since it's a third detector.
  2. Weight Loss during Solar Eclipse

    If you were in orbit around the sun (and away from the earth), and strapped a scale to your feet it would read zero. It has no direct effect on the weight here on earth. (There's a differential effect stemming from your location which are the tides.)
  3. Gravitation constant or not

    Not to mention that if Gauss's law is wrong, it has implications for electrostatics as well. And nobody has noticed any problems.
  4. Harvey Weinstein

    Ah, missed that.
  5. Weight Loss during Solar Eclipse

    We're in free fall with respect to the sun, as we are in orbit.
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    In case anyone is still wondering why so many incidents go unreported EEOC = US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/10/15/16438750/weinstein-sexual-harassment-facts
  7. Gravitation constant or not

    If they cancel, they cancel. What measurements have been done with cylinders? The earth and the sun are spheres, so why would you need to adjust the mass of the earth?
  8. Gravitation constant or not

    So your bit about them only canceling at short distances was wrong. Got it. There are other parts of the calculation that do this as well. Masses that are off-axis are further away and make a smaller contribution than the ones that are on-axis. On the whole, they balance out. If you do the integral properly. No, that's not a source of uncertainty in any measurement of G This has nothing to do with the OP. Dark matter? VLF waves?
  9. Banned/Suspended Users

    PandaBear has been banned as asockpuppet of B. John Jones
  10. So you think you know EM? Explain this!

    ! Moderator Note You can ask, or you can explain. You don't get to do both. If you just have questions about mainstream physics, open a thread where you ask those questions without presenting your pet theory. Since you are not planning on following our rules (by your own admission) then we're done here
  11. How big is the shift in a GPS satellite? The gravitational contribution is ~45 microseconds per day. So it's of order a part in a billion. For the solar system and galaxy it will be somewhat larger, but even at a part in a million the shift is smaller than we can ascertain with the precision of our measurement of the age of the universe. You would have to be much deeper in a gravitational well for it to be measurable.
  12. Microwave Background Radiation???

    Radiation emitted by stars is not background. The background literally filled the universe, going in all directions. So it has to continue filling the universe.
  13. Banned/Suspended Users

    PolishBoy has been banned as a sockpuppet of the Maciej Marosz pantheon
  14. Scientific Bible

    ! Moderator Note Preaching against religion is just as against the rules as preaching in support of one
  15. Gravitation constant or not

    Why would a scalar matter when looking at whether vectors cancel? Where is the asymmetry, required to have non-cancellation of "sideways" components?