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  1. Will this cause a lot of problems?
  2. Is there any possiblity of the embedded particles of lead actually leaching out of the glass, if it''s not further fragmented? Once the exposed surfaces of the screen pieces have oxidised that'''s it, isn't it? You can treat it like pieces of lead metal that will quite quickly become inert.
  3. Doesn't lead oxidise only the surface then it stops and is pretty waterproof to the remaining metal underneath? It wouldn't have been used in plumbing otherwise. Plumbum is the latin name for lead and a person who worked with it was a plumber! I think once the exposed surfaces have oxidised, the actual volume/mass of free lead in an object is irrelevant because it is effectively inert.
  4. Cool stuff. The line between bacteria and human is extremely blurry when you think how important mitochondria are to our existence, originally being autonomous organisms themselves; the same with chloroplasts in plants.
  5. Parasites have no benefit to the host. Symbiotic relationships are mutually beneficial, generally. Gut bacteria can have a significant effect on behaviour by interacting with the host to produce the neurotransmitter.serotonin. Both the host and commensal bacteria regulate each others activities. They are part of the hosts critical makeup.
  6. The great majority otherwise you would be ill. For example, when you get diarrhoea, pathogens have got the upperhand, in population terms.
  7. Drink decaffeinated coffee and be prepared for some headaches after about two weeks for a few days.
  8. A different approach to drugs ?

    Good medical ethics has no frontiers. Besides, cancer can be caused by ones actions/inaction/excess. Is the smoker, cirrhotic alcoholic or obese person totally blameless if they get cancer? Having a sex life can get you papilloma virus and cause cancer...are you to blame? it is not productive to have a judgemental agenda like yours.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

  10. Threads for dummies

    I was going to post that but forgot.
  11. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    It was very arrogant and inconsiderate of the allied forces to cut land out for the Jewish community... all this shit's our fault.
  12. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    That's a good point. lower charge is better than fast charge for battery life. Another one is that only charging to less than 100% doubles the life.
  13. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    To optimise battery life, the ideal usage range is between 20% - 90% charge. Topping it up from any point above 20% is best. Don't fret about running it down to that number, just keep it above it. Keep it plugged in when you are using it and there is wall power available. Just use it as a portable device when it's necessary. I don't know. Edit: I don't think so because it's running off the mains when plugged in. Once the battery is charged it won't draw current again until the voltage drops below a certain point.
  14. sunlight

    Yes, true, and more portable
  15. sunlight

    Yes. With the Herschel experiment though you can pick out the invisible parts with a thermometer
  16. sunlight

    Interesting. That would a good school experiment for kids of the appropriate age.
  17. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    That's what I do. You could set it to sleep at 20% charge if you really want to baby it. Just don't run the battery flat when you are on it. If you over-discharge a lithium battery too many times then recharge, metallic lithium pathways can form which can cause a short circuit and catch fire. It happened to a niece of mine.
  18. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    Keep it charged/plugged in where youcan. they have a life of about 500 cycles. Keep it cool; keep it on a hard surface rather than on your lap. Running it flat too often, hurts it, so, topping up a partially discharged battery is better for the battery than a full discharge/full recharge cycle.
  19. sunlight

    That's the phonons swansont mentioned, isn't it?
  20. sunlight

  21. Mass and Momentum

    Right. Cheers. I forgot Relativity is a classical theory.
  22. Mass and Momentum

    Is this true? Mass always has momentum (in some frame) but momentum isn’t always allied to mass.
  23. Should not vaccinating your child be a criminal offence?

    Let's assume it's true what you say. This is the level of compliance we have achieved with the prevailing level of pressure. If we reduced the pressure, the level of compliance will probably fall below effective levels over time and we'll be having more frequent epidemics or more pockets of infection as the number of potential vectors increases.
  24. Mass and Momentum

    Right. What would the Relativity case be?