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  1. Advice for a problem with eyes

    Tears contain lysozyme which breaks down the cell walls of certain bacteria. It has an antiseptic function. Obviously, it needs a liquid carrier to distribute around your eyes and if your eyes are in a persistently dry state from the atmospheric conditions the lysozymes effectiveness is reduced, they are going to be more vulnerable to infection, especially with micro-abrasions from dust as well. Perhaps you could take a break in an environment that has more humidity/less dust so they can recover and possibly, if your doctor thinks so, do that treatment again in that more humid environment.
  2. Smuggling Nuclear Weapons

    Modern nuclear warheads contain subcritical amounts of nuclear material. Their thermonuclear explosive potential is dependent on the electronics, which are keycoded in a specific fashion, split between multiple personnel and can automatically fry their own electronics in the event of unauthorised access. All a successful terrorist will have is a small amount of nuclear material but no bomb. There is no authorised personnel that alone holds the necessary information to arm a warhead.
  3. I think you just have to keep exposing yourself to the thoughts and imagery....maybe do in stages. Look at stuff first that only mildly disturbs you and work through it until you are unaffected. I think it's partly ignorance about the subject that causes the revulsion, The more you learn about it, the less bothered you'll become. I have a bit more than a passing interest in the microflora that occupy the alimentary canal and so poo is an integral part of the subject! This caused all sorts of not-so-nice thoughts and responses in me but once you start analysing properly, they just become processes and components.
  4. is meat unhealthy?

    You absolutely do what works for you. .. you have a purpose. I hope you achieve your goal.
  5. China will ban ICE cars.

    The main problem atm is storing energy which can carry a place through the period when solar or wind is not available, Batteries need to be higher density. The point I'm getting at is power requirements are becoming discrete and less centralised... self-powering through using batteries.
  6. China will ban ICE cars.

    How do you mean "Too dilute"? The other important parallel technology is rechargeable batteries. Analogously, fossil fuel s a disposable battery which, up to now, has a higher energy density.
  7. Fossils - Finds, purchases, collections

    Doing this would be cool: Juvenile Jeholosaurus Dinosaur Fossil from The Early Cretaceous
  8. Fossils - Finds, purchases, collections

    Let us know how it turns out. Don't hold out too much hope:
  9. First human brain linked to the internet in real time
  10. The heritability of attitudes: a study found

    Eugenics is a policy of actively selecting for certain genetic characteristics.
  11. Can something be flat?

    It's a question for GR. Gravity is pertinent. Any path has to follow a geodesic and they are not Euclidean straight. I'm not, and the OP is not, talking about locally flat. They said "truly" flat, which I take means no arc over any distance. If you care to elaborate, I''m all ears.
  12. China will ban ICE cars.

    Petrodollars may well move to solardollars. Africa could do well with that sort of currency and help reduce the grinding problems there. Your OP is a hopeful post in the right direction from where I'm standing right now.
  13. China will ban ICE cars.

    Well, it'll take some power away from those I mentioned and may make things more stable globally. Western greed unwittingly supports wealth redistribution by them buying the cheapest goods and exploiting those countries... our greed empowers them in the end. I'm of the belief this is a good thing because it leads to a more level playing field.
  14. China will ban ICE cars.

    Yes, in practice they are becoming increasingly pragmatic. I buy quite a bit of consumer stuff from China and the service is indistinguishable from their Western counterparts. I am quite happy that they are engaging more and playing their part in the world at large. It is an evolving country. I think they are going the right way, changing as circumstances permit; evolution not revolution.
  15. Just noticed that both negative and positive rep given is shown now in a post.

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      Isn't there a 'X' to cancel or 'remove your reaction' by the up/down arrows.

      Hover over the rep you just made and 3 icons should slide out. Click the little cross

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      Oh yea - thanks...  ;-)   You done yourself out of an up vote there though...  I removed it. lol.

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