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  1. Chemistry Sets

    Try googling 'chemistry lab set' or 'chemistry laboratory set'. Here's two from Best Science Supplies. I don''t know your country to find local ones.
  2. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    If I can think of a way of simplifying it further, I will, but can't atm. Yes, wherever you stand there is a set of rays converging there that you can make an image from.
  3. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    But they more parallel i.e. relatively, with distance, not absolutely, Some of those rays that are so slightly converging from all over the disk to reach our eyes to a point close enough for our eyes to make an image with them. Which rays we pick up to make an image from the innumerable number of photons coming at us is determined by the points in space where our eyes are.
  4. How to delete account?

    And will be statutorily held for a minimum of two years, in Europe, by an ISP.and search providers, who have crawlers.
  5. How to delete account?

    Modify your profile and remove everything > Change your listed email address to a non-existent one > Get on with your life.

    No problem. You are only acting responsibly by asking questions about something something that could possibly have been hazardous.. We don't know until we ask.
  7. Why is life after death really not possible?

    Most likely because they are not the right configuration and of sufficient complexity.
  8. Why is life after death really not possible?

    Of course it is.There's no other real world option.

    The LC50 (lethal concentration that will kill 50%) for a rat is 47,702mg/m2 for 4 hours. I don't think you've got anything to worry about.
  10. Why is life after death really not possible?

    This is the trouble with emergence, it's not predictable. Even one or two scientific people here scoff at its apparent mystique, like it's some hand-wavy phenomenon.
  11. Corrupt thesis document

    Do it to a copy of the original.
  12. Corrupt thesis document

    That eliminates a corrupt Word then. It's the file. What file format is it in?
  13. Corrupt thesis document

    Have you tried uninstalling/rebooting/reinstalling Word?
  14. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    At any given point on a reflective or illuminating surface, photons are travelling in all directions from it (where they aren't blocked) and one of those lines of photons will strike a point on your retina, as placed by your eye lens. Do that for the whole surface from all positions of the object you get an (inverted) image of that object on your retina. You don't receive parallel rays, you receive the converging ones from all points of that viewed object. if you ask "How can we see stars as we do?",all you are seeing is a white dot which is a single rod being fired on your retina... it has no spatial dimensional value other than your eye is detecting a single line of photons from that star.