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  1. Look in Activity Stream on top bar. You can make your own as well in My Activity Streams
  2. It's here and we've just got to get on with it. A learning curve I didn't want but i'm sure I'll figure it out. It's most likely better in some places.
  3. When the previous iteration was brought in there was a fair bit of moaning. I can't see them atm but i'm sure there's a fair few holes that need filling and Dave and CR probably still have things to put up and refine. They need to get a handle on it too. The main thing is they needed to do it.
  4. Right. Cheers.
  5. OOps. Wrong forum.... Are we going to have a New Content button? This looks like a rather radical change from previous ones.
  6. I don't analyse it, I just enjoy the magic.
  7. Here's a link on how cell membranes might have got started and the google page I got it from with links to other protocell ideas. http://exploringorigins.org/fattyacids.html https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=vesicles+first+life&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB753GB753&oq=vesicles+first+life&aqs=chrome..69i57.13200j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Abiogenesis is a wide subject and evolution even wider. Abiogenesis is the steps leading up to the first autonomous living systems and Evolution is what happens after. The former is a largely speculative subject at this point in time but the good models are rooted with sound science.. Keep asking questions but try and focus them down to specific parts.
  8. Single-celled organisms, like bacteria, were the first life forms and these utilised sulphur and other compounds, of which, a later fork was oxygen-producing cyanobacteria that developed into plants. Methane was always present, emitted volcanically and hydrothermally, with other organics, during Earth's earlier formation... they had to be present first in order to have the basic building blocks to make life. The furthest scientists can go back is anoxygenic (non-oxygen producing) bacteria. Before them, only various models are currently available. They probably need to synthesise it in the lab to get an idea what happened in the earliest stages, I guess.
  9. He did a mean "Spring" and Dvorak's "New World". You're soapboxing and lecturing without engaging. It's getting boring.
  10. I used to hate jazz but I went to a jazz gig of a, I think, famous pianist, with a band. I think you need to hear it live because it needs space that most music systems can't give. It was a memorable experience and their skill, combined with a wide range of musicality, was impressive and moving.
  11. And you have virtual particles doing their own thing, popping in and out existence, occasionally interacting at the atomic level as an ensemble.. there's plenty of room for real randomness, it seems
  12. But not everyone wants to trance. Different music music evokes different states; all of which are equally valid.
  13. I had a play in In W10 which might help with whatever you are using. I extended my two monitors, using the Extend option. This allows my cursor to move between screens. I used a Google search as my test. In monitor 1, I have a google listing (which would be your main doc) and then right-clicked on a link on the Google page, selecting Open in a New Window. I then dragged that new window to the other monitor. Could you extend multiple monitors together or even size the windows so you can get several on one screen and enlarge one as required?
  14. I'm talking about the proto-organism stages, or before, when they aren't quite fully autonomous and in sufficient numbers. I imagine their existence was pretty tenuous and probability of continuation was a lot lower than it is now for modern organisms. The nets in my cherry farm analogy represented the necessary isolation for the farmer to get started until he had enough trees that predation didn't matter. Imagine they started with a single cherry stone that they had bred of a new variety and wanted to multiply it into a thriving fruit farm. This would be easy compared to what new life form trying to start now. Add this to what Strange has just posted.