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  1. new alloy?

    hello everybody, I am sci-man (AKA TheDarkOverlord), and i was wondering, if you make an alloy out of titanium and carbon steel how strong would it be and how high of temperatures ( Fo) do you think it could stand? and what would you do with it? Do You Choose Evil Or Do You Choose Good? - Sci-Man
  2. ice turned bad, ice hurt, i need some ice-buprofen, cold hearted, snow more please, ice hurt snow bad. snow got any more puns ? Ice run out. this actually took me about 10 minutes to come up with
  3. Is the past infinite?

    ok challenge accepted
  4. Is the past infinite?

    I think that it is infinite until proven otherwise because there is always going to be a past even if nothing is there. we humans have no idea when the universe actually began if you've seen men in black then you know there was a universe in a marble imagine if we are in a marble in someone's hand right now.There could be other universes in a multiverse with other multiverses in a marble and we would never know unless we could live forever. i'm just going to make a time machine and go see how the universe was made or go back as far as possible then see it for myself and record it.
  5. A shiver of sharks!

  6. I need help

    'just because others have failed at something doesn't mean you should give up on trying to do it'- Me
  7. ley lines

    can anyone help me with finding a good ley line map of the world i really need one thnx
  8. electromagnetic aberration

    does anyone have any idea what this is cause i would really like to know
  9. need help

    will use this to learn and thank you very much
  10. need help

  11. need help

    my own website basic stuff i'm very new to programming the only thing i've done was a basic Lego program but i'm also interested in programming games
  12. need help

    can anyone help me learn how to program
  13. I need help

    Lord Antares, I am obviously not like the majority of people and I find quantum stuff quite fascinating
  14. I need help

    Mordred I just want to learn a little about physics (And I don't want to go into advanced studies) but more so to 'quantum' stuff so I can help others understand better too my long term job will be either N.A.S.A or a Navy S.e.A.L so I am trying to get a better understanding of these things but I might not go into N.A.S.A so ............
  15. can anyone help

    hey guys thanks for the help and I think that I can do this but i don't have materials ( that will work ) so it might be a while before you see it in a news article. p.s roger my idea is based off of a lot of things together and I think that that is why it has never been made before most of the time its one or two things but mine is a lot of things