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    With dogs the nature of the threat is different. Dogs can harm us but cannot be superior to us. Danger coming from AI, according to some, is that it can find exploits at rate humans cannot achieve. In other words, humans cannot outsmart AI, hence the potential threat. Of course, we are in the realm of sci-fi but we can imagine a number of applications when AI would be in charge, probably the most common is military, it could endanger humans. Here we are back to Asimov Laws and such, philosophy. Personally, I am optimistic and the sooner AI and robots will overtake mundane human tasks the better because then humans will have time and energy to devote to personal growth, social matters, families or politics for example. However, changes in our society will be enormous, I would say revolutionary, and revolutions tend to carry a certain degree of risk.

    Let's say it's not intrinsically harmful, however, because of its let's say "super-human" capabilities it could become a threat to humans? Let's say the question is: What humans can be better than AI at? I'd say nothing. So in this sense, depending on authority given to AI, it can be viewed as a threat.

    I would think that nobody knows yet all aspects. One aspect, I consider as a certainty, which comes from full automation as mentioned in the previous post is that society, welfare systems in particular, will have to adapt. More here: The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates - https://qz.com/911968/bill-gates-the-robot-that-takes-your-job-should-pay-taxes/ As a side note, I concur that the topic, in the current format, is probably more suited for philosophy or politics section rather than for computer science.

    How on Earth is it possible humans, and other animals, think of their own? The problem I see here are, as usual, definitions.

    Not quite. Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm - https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.01815 https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/6/16741106/deepmind-ai-chess-alphazero-shogi-go Out of curiosity, how do you define intelligence? --- EdEarl beat me to it.
  6. Can I turn my fridge into a cryocooler ?

    First, you have to lay it down with doors facing upwards. Then open the door and pour in liquid nitrogen Interesting question.
  7. APolitical Correctness, a scientific approach

    Yes, I think I can name. I have a sister who's 5 years younger than I am. So we are in "siblings 5 years apart" category.
  8. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    "Unlikely" is probabilistic terminology. Indeed, the so-called Fermi Paradox is said to be based on probabilistic argument: Drake equation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drake_equation Lets have a look how the probability in question is calculated. From wiki: We can see immediately, or we can read it in wiki, that number of parameters are speculative with ranges varying greatly. Then the question to me is, how useful such estimation of probability is and if its possible to base any sound argument, the so-called Fermi Paradox in particular, on it.
  9. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    Well, alright thanks for correction Moontanman. Still, where is the paradox, because I do not see it.
  10. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    Indeed, there is no paradox: There Is No Fermi Paradox - http://www.rfreitas.com/Astro/ThereIsNoFermiParadox1985.htm or The Fermi Paradox is Neither Fermi’s Nor a Paradox - https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1605/1605.09187.pdf "Where is everyone?" is a cool party question, but that is about it.
  11. Can Bohr and Einstein both be right?

    To me it's fascinating that the nature of the universe does not correspond to what we know from our lives. Then again, standing on a coast, seeing ships coming in, recognizing the surface is not flat, is a similar feeling.
  12. Can Bohr and Einstein both be right?

    Let me just note that its kind of amusing that this subject is, correctly, labeled as philosophy. The Character of Physical Law - Richard Feynman
  13. Somalia and Aid?

    From the article, I call it a rant: There are several rational arguments for foreign aid, one of them is, indeed self-serving as mentioned later, national security. A good number of people living in the described system will try to come over here, Europe, and we will, one way or the other, have to deal with it. So the rational course of action is to try to solve such problem locally. Nah, to me its cool story bro. Of course its good enough. Maybe not for you but that is not very relevant. There is no question many foreign aid programs failed to achieve their goals and indeed contributed to the problem described. Perhaps they failed because they were executed with naivety and designed from ignorance. That, however, does not mean foreign aid is an evolutionary disaster nor it means foreign aid should be stopped. You said it yourself, and I said it myself, it should not be stopped, if for no other reason, simply because letting "them" all come over here is not viable.
  14. Overclocking Question.

    Neat. Personally, I'd skip Blu-ray mechanic since it will probably not get much use but add SSD, even smaller capacity one, for OS. Though I admit I am boot speed freak. Where is the power supply? I read its worth to get a decent one. Not necessarily overpowered one but a reliable one. The Seagate NAS is bad ass.
  15. A different approach to drugs ?

    Legit concern. The sentence after this one invalidates it however. The problem is complex and requires complex considerations. The program you are planning to be involved with sounds promising. Personally, I would like to hear about your experiences and progress. One step at the time.
  16. A different approach to drugs ?

    The world is copying it since there is evidence it works. For example here: http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/publications/country-drug-reports/2017/czech-republic_en --- btw is "political will" a euphemism for ignorance of voters? Rhetorical.
  17. Alright then, well in that case, I still think it probably should not be a criminal offense. Not sure why it matters what I think though. In my eyes, well being on a child is top priority when it comes to conflict of interests (rights of parents vs rights of child or rights of child vs upholding a law - think of underage having sex and having a child). So this would be the starting point for me if I was presented to judge such case. If taking away child from parents would benefit the child, I would probably be for such step. As noted, in certain cases it's probably not in best interest of a child to have parents in jail so this is where "probably" from my first sentence comes from.
  18. OP asked several questions. To me it seems, the status quo (over here) is sufficient since the number of cases of parents refusing to vaccinate remains low and so does the number of diseases vaccination aims to prevent. Though there is some indication, would need to search for a source, that the latter could be changing lately. Understanding the status quo, how and why it came to be, answers some of the questions asked. The link I posted was to demonstrate that there can be exceptions to the status quo and these exceptions are for the courts to determine as individual cases need to be examined from various angles. Failing to immunize is not the same as committing murder, for example, so not making statements valid across the board seems reasonable to me. I do not think you, dimreepr, are ignoring anything. Just you quoted me, so I replied. I do not or rather I am aware of the said potential. The question, however, was not: How to deal with parents whose child happen to be negatively impacted by lack of immunization? which surely is an interesting and important question. Yes fines derived from income, wealth?, is very interesting concept as it reflects the purpose of penalizing more let's say justly and fulfills the aim of penalizing more closely. However, that its for another debate.
  19. @dimreepr Well, what can I say? It is your right to disagree. To me, in given context, it sounds reasonable. Not sure whether nor not malnutrition is a criminal offense. I guess it can be and I am sure it's ground for social services to step in. Interestingly, for me, enough obesity is not seen the same way. In my feeble understanding, there is a fundamental difference between malnutrition and lack of immunization: the former always impacts well being of a child.
  20. No, it probably should not be a criminal offense as, with regards to well being of a child, having parent/s in jail can have serious consequences for their child. Who gets to decide? Over here, courts: http://www.radio.cz/en/section/curraffrs/court-undermines-mandatory-czech-vaccination-regime btw the title of the article is imo misleading. Vaccination was not undermined and 99% of parents (statistics not made up) of parents comply with mandatory vaccination regime over here.
  21. Overclocking Question.

    Out of curiosity, why not use dedicated mining HW (ASIC) and why to balance CPU with GPU (I do not think it matter for mining)?
  22. Overclocking Question.

    The way I understand it, basically the only concern when o/c, outside of adequate voltage for stability, is temperature. Temperature can be compensated for and o/c system can even run at lower temperatures than stock one. The question Sensei asked is deciding factor: What do you want your system to do? Run stable server or 60fps 4k video game or example. I'd be pretty surprised, which means little btw, that o/ced CPU running at a lower temperature is much less stable and has shorter longevity than CPU running stock speed with higher temperatures. There are no moving parts, so to say, after all. Once I've heard that all CPUs with same architecture but running different speeds are made out of same pieces of silicon, just some can clock higher, lower respectively, at the same temperature than others. Never really investigated the notion though.
  23. Overclocking Question.

    Overclocking for gaming, to get better value of purchase and just because its ..cool. Oh wait! Seeing the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, gaming in high resolution/detail is probably one the reasons. The i5-2500K is just too old so its likely bottleneck for system with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  24. Overclocking Question.

    How about Delid? Back in days I sanded down heatsink on coppermine CPU and this looks much safer