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  1. Self-studying chemistry

    Another question, is it possible for chemistry to be theoretical? I mean, i guess experementing in labs could be fun but what really exites me is learning about new things and theories, ... I don't want to constantly do lab work. So - Is there a theoretical part of chemistry? Also what career options are there assuming i don't like working in a lab as much as doing the theoretical part of chemistry?
  2. Self-studying chemistry

    Thank you, actually i'm one of those kids who goes to home parties and doesn't study enough. The only difference is that a while ago i found that chemistry is something i really enjoy. which is why i want to put so much time and effort into it. I would say i am lucky for finally finding something at school i do enjoy because i wasn't walking the right path at all. That being said thank you for the input, i will look into all of these things and hope i can find something useful. I agree that studying under the influence of any drug is not really a great idea however, I think there are a lot of things you can learn about the world and yourself using hallucinogens, you should really look into them, they are truly not as satanic as the media and government says they are. (I don't recommend any use of illegal substances though)
  3. Self-studying chemistry

    Some background information. I live in a country where the school system is very different to most of the world. High school starts at 12 and ends when you are 18 years old. You start in first year of high school and end in 6th year. I'm in the 4th year of high school right now (should be in fifth but i had to do my year twice). I plan on taking chemistry next year. This means i will have everything (maths, geography, languages, sciences,...) but it will focus on chemistry (4H organic, 4H experimental, 6h analytical) I can't choose how much of what i have but this should prepare you for university level chemistry. I want to make my high school easier since its pretty hard here and i really have a passion for chemistry. After my exams i will have 2 months summer break and i want to learn as much as possible about chemistry. I don't know much at all about chemistry i guess. I know Periodic table and how to use it chemical reactions (like dissociation,Precipitation,) And the last thing i learned is calculating molecular mass. Questions: Where do i start? Do you guys know any books i could buy to get me started? I'm a pretty fast learner especially when things interest me. Or any websites? Money isn't really a problem so rather a good quality online learning source then something free and not as good. What branch of chemistry do you think i would enjoy most? (Not that this matters in the slightest since i'm only 17 and don't plan on specializing in anything until i am older or in uni, it is just out of pure curiosity.) i don't enjoy physics (atleast not on the level i learn it at the moment which is very very low) but i like the idea of quantum mechanics, Q physics and Q chemistry. Chemistry>maths>biology>physics. I am pretty interested in mind-altering drugs and medicine too. I really appreciate any input thank you!