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  1. I think i got it. Thank you!
  2. Recently i learned about Quadratic Inequallities and i can't understand when i should flip the > or < sign. Can anyone help me with that?
  3. This was very helpful thank you!
  4. Why are we squaring the m/s? And the purpose of g is to check how much force acts on an object like in the formula for height energy? (Eh = m * g *h)
  5. What's the diffrence between m/s2 and g? Thank you.
  6. Earth orbits itself as well as the sun due to its own gravity (if i remember correctly). The moon has less gravity (i think its 1.6g) but it still has gravity. So why doesn't the moon rotate like Earth but a bit slower?
  7. Even if we could cure cancer easily i doubt we'll be able to live more than 1000 years... There will always be another illness that will pose a problem to us.
  8. I've been trying to learn from HyperPhysics but i don't get most of what i read. I have almost no scientific knowledge...
  9. Are those in there? Can't find them.
  10. Looks like a great website thank you! Any suggestions on where to start?
  11. Hello, i'm a 9th grader from israel. There aren't many science classes in my school and i'd like to know more about science (mostly Physics or space related stuff). Last week i found this forum and i've learned ouite a few new things, but i want to start learning specific areas in physics first. Where should i start? And if you know a simple written site that i can use to teach myself i'll be glad to know about it.
  12. I'm not a scientist but i'd like to know more about physics. Can someone explain or direct me to a site with a simple explanation about String Theory? Thanks.
  13. The dopler effect is what makes objects far away seem smaller or sound weaker. Can anyone explain the science behind it?
  14. Thanks!
  15. From what i understand those time crystals can move by themselves. So why are they called "Time" crystals? Also what matter can turn into a time crystals?