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  1. Hi guys, below is a post I made in a gun enthusiasts forum. How likely is it that I can bring home enough lead from an outdoor shooting range to actually poison my child? Does anyone have any expertise in this matter? Bullets have a lead core and use lead styphnate as primer. I'm new to this forum, but figure there must be some pretty savvy and experienced individuals here. Does anyone here have expertise in the toxicology of lead? I'm a new shooter and have a young son (10 month old). I sometimes worry about exposing my little guy to "take home lead" and it negatively impacting his health. I asked my kid's pediatrician about this and she seemed surprised that I was concerned. She said that of course I would be exposed to lead at the range, but that my body could probably handle a little lead. I told her that I shoot once per month and that I change my clothes as soon as I get home, have a separate pair of "range shoes" that I leave outside and that I shower and change my clothes as soon as I get home. I also use TMJ ammo (sometimes with lead free primers, when I can find it). She said that I'm taking good precautions but that even without them I'd probably not be able to bring home enough lead to harm my child. I don't know if she is saying this because I shoot only at outdoor ranges or if she doesn't know what she's talking about. She went on to say that of her thousands of patients she can't think of one that tested high for lead, that it is extremely rare these days???? Can she possibly be right? I have read so many horror stories and articles out there that attest to the opposite. I'm skeptical and confused, just don't want to harm my kid. Don't even get me started on the though of cleaning my guns inside of my little apartment with no backyard or garage. I have no idea where I will clean them without risking exposing my kid to lead.