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  1. Very nice article. Thanks. Will post results
  2. I hear. We will start with some experiments and see if it works. Next week we have about 12 batches to make, so we will do a titration with estimate, and we will get an actual value fot the big batch. I will post the results.
  3. We did, but it has come to light that they were not issued with the same acis every time. they would sometimes get 0.1M, and other times 0.5M. then they would get frustrated and add Nitric as it is 30% and they think it will work better. So I have volemes added, but I do not know which acid was used. This is to gain information to put measures in place to standardise and correct, and the query was merely to have an idication of what to expect.
  4. From The word go I have to emphasise that I am not a chemist, but I need the help of you guys that has the knowhow. We have a RO plant on our site and most of our water goes through it (dairy Factory). However, when one section of the RO is on CIP, we bleed from the normal water into the supply to the factory. So the water is not always 100% RO water. In the RO plant we correct the pH to be within 7.4 to 8.0 as this is the requirement for most of our products. The problem is that we need a pH of approx 7.0 for one specific product. To achieve this we batch 11000 lites and correct the pH by adding acid by hand. In the last few weeks we had more trouble to achieve this. We have the following acid on site: HCL 0.1M HCL 0.5M Nitric 30% Volume is 11000 litres. Which acis would be best to acieve this with the minimal amount needed? If you must give a broad indication, how much of each acid would be needed if the initial pH is for example 7.8? Is there a way of calculating (please not too complicated) approx how much to add if we have the volume and initial pH? Thanks in advance