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  1. Einstein was right!

    The relative universe is the best evidence for the absolute universe, their are many relationships that must rely on an underlying framework, the relative mass of elementary particles for example. I am sure all of you can think of many more yourselves. Is it enough to say " It is what it is."? The newest sciences are seeking to reach an understanding of this framework, it must be ultimately simple... I am making some assumptions, time and space are infinite for one. Well, thank you for making an exception. I understand completely were you are coming from.
  2. Einstein was right!

    Now is subjective, we cannot witness absolute T0. Science is the art of defining the relative universe. Understanding the absolute universe might help us to define the relative universe. In fact reality can be said to be an illusion, a result of delays in our ability to experience... For example the time it takes a photon to travel from it's origin to our retina and the time it takes for that to be processed by our nervous system. All that we experience is at T-n. The delay produces from the absolute universe of @T0 S=infinity the relative universe where S= 1/T^2.
  3. Einstein was right!

    And what framework produces the rules? The past persists in our minds, when we all grasp the basic concept of this framework I can explain how the relative universe is built upon it. No, I am not referring to solipsism, the mind transcribes the relative universe from the absolute universe.
  4. Tire spots

    We have to give folks the opportunity to over think it.
  5. Einstein was right!

    First since it is the framework for the relative universe, let us define the absolute universe... With Time as the x axis extending to infinity in both the + and - quadrants, Space as the y axis extending to infinity in the + quadrant. At T=0(The present), S=infinity. Yes, there was much "happening" (a relative term) however it was "happening in the absolute universe, our minds create the relative universe from the absolute. This is close to what I am trying to convey, however it is not complete as it does not define the link between the absolute universe and the relative universe.
  6. Einstein was right!

    Yes, there was much "happening" (a relative term) however it was "happening in the absolute universe, our minds create the relative universe from the absolute.
  7. Einstein was right!

    You are quite correct, reality is subjective. It is difficult to sidestep philosophy with the concept I am struggling to convey... However the philosophy that reality is a creation of the mind is rather solid ? If accepting a philosophy as a basis for exploration that benefits science, I think we should be willing to make that journey.
  8. Einstein was right!

    We can agree then that the universe exists only in this instant of time and that the universe that was 1 nanosecond ago no longer exists (although evidence that it did exist persists)? As to "Not really" I am referring to the different universe be presented to the observer with the passage of time. Welcome beecee.
  9. Einstein was right!

    Not really, a rainbow is a perfect example, each observer witnesses a different rainbow. We each witness a different universe and every instant of time provides a new universe to each observer. The current universe for each observer exists for only an instant at T0, the present. The absolute universe does exist, and my goal here is to convey an understanding of the evidence for it, without that understanding, it does not exist for the individual observer. If we can conceive of it we will understand the framework our relative universe is built upon and it can be tested against the science of our relative universe and ultimately science can be tested against it.
  10. Einstein was right!

    The speed of light is absolute, the rest mass of a particle is invarient, either will do to demonstrate the necessity of an underlying framework. Einstein says that time is an illusion, I agree, however as I will endeavor to demonstrate at a later time the relative universe is a manifestation of our minds, we do not witness the absolute universe... We can wax philisophical much later. Can we agree that the universe we witness exists only as we witness it?
  11. Einstein was right!

    Been a while, I think the problem here is in communicating the concept. I believe I can now provide a better path to understanding. The universe is relative, but there are some absolutes... The speed of light for example. What is the framework that the universe is built upon, it is not enough to say that "It is what it is!", There must be an underlying framework, and it must be ultimately simple ( it must not itself need framework). Let's start with the following concept and argue it for a bit. Time and space do not coexist. The universe does not exist at T-n it exists now, at T0.
  12. Tire spots

    A bicycle with 26" wheels and axles 34" apart, traveling in a straight line runs through a spot of wet paint... how far apart will the subsequent spots made by the front and back tires be? Do NOT over think this!
  13. If the universe was a computer program.

    I think I can answer this, if we knew everything, we could predict everything... But then what would we do?
  14. Quantification of space-time

    Sorry, ke = mv^2/2.
  15. I am not promoting it as fact, just a thought.