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  1. I think I can answer this, if we knew everything, we could predict everything... But then what would we do?
  2. Sorry, ke = mv^2/2.
  3. I am not promoting it as fact, just a thought.
  4. Guess work, conjecture... Pretty much the same.
  5. Ohms law states E=IR since we have no current and no resistance we are left with the field and the force producing it, Faraday says induction is a relationship between the the electromagnetic field and the electromotive force it produces. Lenzs law gives us hysteresis, which in a sinusoidal wave produces a current lag of 90° since field strength is proportional to current, it would seem to follow that field would lag force. This is all conjecture on my part, just thought it might help.
  6. This shows a phase relationship of 90° between voltage and current and 0° between current and field.
  7. The electric creates the magnetic which lags by 90 degrees which is a property of induction. A photon is after all an electromagnetic system. This would not produce a helical structure, but rather a helical path.A thought just occurred to me, would such a path create inertia?
  8. I think you misunderstood, shift the waveform on one axis so that they are 90° out of phase rather than 180° or 0°.
  9. Add to this that as the glass is lowered hot air is displacing the cooler air in the glass.
  10. If one axis creating the plane is shifted by 90° the plane becomes a helix, its energy remains constant as does frequency. Just a thought...
  11. Perhaps if the y or z axis was shifted by 90°? Then your photon becomes somewhat of a screw.
  12. You will need to read my topic titled "Einstein was right".
  13. I can see why my hypothesis interests you, my advice would be to try to grasp the concept of duplicity that I state(The absolute and relative realms) rather than additional dimensions.