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  1. Presupposition, faith and truth

    It depends on the person. If he really seeks the truth and If he has open his mind and open his heart in seeking God he will find Him.
  2. Presupposition, faith and truth

    God is the judge of our actions.He is the universal judge for our right or wrong doings does it become objective only if there is a God.
  3. Presupposition, faith and truth

    But I mean faith is trust on evidences and Christianity is not far from this definition. First if God doesn't exist, objective moral values do not exist. It is only pure subjective.In a deep sense there is no real right and wrong. Right and wrong are the same.But heres the catch.Why we tend to see things really wrong and really right if there is no objectivity of it? honestly, believing that there is a God is not blind faith or just I believe it without any convincing reasons. Like the great thinkers of the old-Anselm, Augustine,Aquinas, Leibniz etc, it's not just blind faith that I believe in God aside from my personal experience of Him. Obviously like them, I critically think it.Anselm for example invented the ontological argument which is still hotly debated today. Watch the debate between William lane Craig and Kevin Scharp-" Is there evidence for God in youtube and it is explaiined well by WLC.
  4. Presupposition, faith and truth

    A person that comes out with a theory. This theory later on is found to be conflicting with evidence. This person has "faith" in said theory so he/she refuses to let go of it or deny it. This person is not a scientist. But empirical data themselves gathered from cosmology, morality etc. fits to the concept of God as the best explanation. I do not intended to mean that way. I just want to show that their is still presupposition being happening to a scientist ultimately. Yes, scientist believe that gravity always acts the same way.They presupposes thru those evidences that it will always happen. Their is faith here.
  5. This topic imposes the idea that all of us presupposes. We are bias of our own worldviews. Example, for a scientist, he is a presuppositional being who presupposes for example that an things if drop will always go to the ground because of gravity. He presupposes that it will also happen in the future, but there is no evidence for the scientist that it will happen nor he can predict it. He just presupposes. He has only a faith that it will happen. Scientist can't really know that things still fall to the ground in the future because his knowledge is finite or limited only. I want to explain more but let me begin by this introduction.
  6. Natural Awareness

    I can't see how my arguments are debunked. Since I don't provide more about it. I may ask, why we feel Numinous as a human being? What is the reason?
  7. almost 1 month gone, vacation ended and happy

  8. Natural Awareness

    If we observe the whole creation around us,-the stars, the planets, galaxies, earth-based creations (trees etc.) we experience the majesty of creation that seems to shout on us to reveal something or it want to reveal on us something. And why we have this same feeling or experience at first when we are alone?
  9. Purpose/No purpose

    We can look the purpose of something through it's existence by asking the question" Why these are the characteristics of the universe and not the other characteristics? We can argue that there is a purpose because of this. To clarify, example your friend gave you a cake. You can ask, "why my friend gave me a cake instead of a doughnut?" There must be a purpose for your friend for giving a cake rather than a doughnut for you.
  10. Purpose/No purpose

    Why there is no necessity? what is your bases for having this argument? To me it seems that there is necessity because you can ask the question" why this is the universe that exist and not the other type?" We can ask this question because of the philosophy of the possible worlds. I also argue your second sentence. We can still argue " why things in this universe is the way they are?"
  11. Purpose/No purpose

    Ahm, may I ask, what is your bases for saying "there isn't need to be a purpose" and "it could be chance." Then we can still argue, " why multiverse and not the other way around like for example, universe?" Then we can still argue, why these is the laws of physics and not the other way around? I have a faith of something. It doesn't mean that it is blind faith but I have faith with reason or reasonable faith.
  12. Purpose/No purpose

    And your view could also be not true. Let me put my justification or defense for my view. Imagine, example the only thing that exist is a strawberry tree. We can argue, why this type of tree exist for eternity and not a coconut tree etc. There are many possibilities but why this is the one that exist. There must be a purpose for why it exist other than those other possible trees. The strawberry tree could be liken to the universe. Why this type of universe exist and not a universe where planets are not sphere but cube shape ( just an example).
  13. Purpose/No purpose

    We can think that there is a purpose for why we are here also somebody could also think there is no purpose at all. For you, I just want to ask, which is more valid base on evidences, purpose or no purpose?(For me purpose-I will provide the justification of it but let me know your part first if it is ok) Thank you
  14. Sinful Nature and redemption

    It is not preaching. I only point out the rational foundation of Christian religion regarding sin and how could it be solved. Remember, the religion label here is sharing the rational foundations of religion.
  15. Sinful Nature and redemption

    Sin is a privation of good. It is a wrong doing base on conscience and base on Christianity the humanity falls on it. It is like a disease that affects the whole mankind and the world. We ourselves can't escape from it. It is only God who can save us.