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  1. I believe momentum is shared between the four force as in angular momentum. Here is an online e=mc2 calculator.
  2. Lord Antares this is my handle or pseudonym at! Pick a time or challenge me online when see me. What's you handle incidentally? Holyghost3
  3. geostationary satellite orbital radius and period 70kg: Radius = 42,164.14 Kilometers Period = 24 hours For 140 ton metallic whale lol geostationary Radius = 390 Km Period = 24 hours
  4. So its ok if I make up a mass for the satellite and if the equation shows balance will you be satisfied. One question I may have to amend the infinity symbol to another figure, if first go around does not work and would that satisfy you? I suppose it does not matter for unity, you make sense swansont:)
  5. bingo, Great statement! With Trump who I believe was not chosen by the majority who is irrational; this shows man's systems are not complex and choice is a myth. So in this respect a human virus represented as the President has the power to destroy the world without our choice!
  6. We dream, because it allows us to visit other dimensions and places in our universe to work out our deepest problems of hopes, questions and fears?
  7. Why do you say this and where is your evidence? I guess under this premise you never have taken an IQ test; can this be associated with fear?
  8. swansont can you give me the mass of the satellite please? You give me that and if the equation shows balance then I have achieved something. What you are asking for is already known otherwise it would not work; so lets just see if the equation shows balance first.
  9. I believe he will have a naval conflict with China and also land Troops into North Korea. Mexico is off the table unless they attack which will never happen.
  10. @inside the paper: 3) the unified field model can be easily decoupled to study an individual interaction This question you pose swansont is no less then an oxymoron! But, I will try an answer anyway. For example, Super Colliders are needed to study tiny particles associated with the atom by separating them. The article indicates that the four forces are unified, but each one is studied individually to see how they are intertwined. Hi I update my unified theory:
  11. Awesome so lets play chess
  12. To be honest the word superior, as in intelligence only should be understood as you only know as much as you wish to learn from an interest or passion in various subjects from each moment in time. Knowledge is a complex onion and you never fully comprehend every layer even if you peel down to the next layer.
  13. A virus that kills its host without finding another one and dies in the process itself; would it be considered of value? How different would mankind be if we did that to ourselves by destroying the planet with nuclear weapons. Man has already shown that it is willing to use nukes, so therefore is mankind of no use in the universe if it does not rid itself of these irrational weapons? Tensions are running high in the South China Sea and America has at the helm a highly irrational President so its no wonder that deep underground bases exist! Is it possible for the elite to live long enough underground to one day see the light of day and start over for a race to the stars? Or is man doomed like a virus?
  14. We would launch a sneak attack from a submarine off its coast smoking the North Koreans with an EMP weapon rendering their weapons useless.