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  1. A bridge between physical and computer world

    Ya that is true, it might needs some kind of validation, you might need to program it with the seven deadly sins. You are right, my thoughts is going everywhere. The electromagnetic radiation put me in stasis
  2. A bridge between physical and computer world

    You got me, my main focus is still on modifying gene expression with electromagnetic radiation. Imagine this directed microwave that would alter your cell's transcription factors to phosphorylate and induce a partial reprogramming to renew itself. 1. You will need to find the correct wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that would induce phosphorylation. 2. You will need to get molecular detail to locate the transcription factors needed for phosphorylation 3. The transcription factors will make the cell's gene expression to change to a previous year (age 30->age 29). So you got up to 2600 transcription factors in the human genome according to Wikipedia, and you play around with all combinations until the gene expression successfully shifted to the previous state. If all that the four Yamanaka factors are required for a successfully shift to a previous state, awesome. But based on SALK's research, the mouse still dies after testing it for serveral times. I am not sure if they mean that the mouse with a genetic defect on premature aging is no longer alive or that the mouse without the defect is still alive as of now. Either way it is mentioned that a successful way to trigger the transcription factors inside the cell is required. So here it is, the electromagnetic radiation should be possible to activate the transcription factors, or the alternative would be cell signaling molecules. It is to be debated Right hmm, I thought about it too. You are training the machine based on moving instances. You see the part where they throw boxes at the machine with weight until the machine falls? Imagine the boxes to be moving cars and that each time the machine gets hit by a car and knocked down it resets itself, eventually you'll get a machine that cannot be knocked down by cars or that it can successfully evade the cars. Or you can train the robot to protect the person from cars. Now if you set the robot to update its own circuitry, so that it makes itself smarter, faster, and better. This is the realm I dare not venture to. You cannot set the computer simulation to evolve like humans do, because we have different parameters, gravity, and space time. However a self adapting machine in the real world knows no bounds, think of the horror movie screamer.
  3. A bridge between physical and computer world

    This is more what I am looking for and yes I am ready to train the algorithm based on real world physics. The idea about artificial intelligence is that it does not possess a consciousness and that is a good thing, because no consciousness should be trained with such a task. If you let the evolution algorithm runs its course, two things would happen. It would develop a consciousness, or it would dominate our world in a bad way (turned evil). So the ideal AI, would not develop a consciousness and is there to serve human
  4. We all know about artificial neural network and genetic algorithm, but what good is it if it can only be tested on the computer world? What if you build a robot, and have the robot runs these algorithms to protect you at all cost in the real world? What if you build a microwave turret and have the microwave turret runs these algorithms to protect you? What if you ask the robot to make you immortal, to make you a god. The possibility seems infinite.
  5. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Everyone can build a dream machine. And with your instruction on directional microwave, I can probably come up with something similar too. But in the end, what really does matter is scale. If you can come up with a directional laser on a molecular scale resolution it would be premium or even millions of dollars. I mean of the best experience I have had about dreams it still requires a mesh map of the entire head. But in the end, once you've built one, the rest is easy. It's always the first satellite, or stem cell burger, that is expensive. I'd imagine some sort of optical lenses capable of magnifying the electromagnetic radiation. For instance, a telescope, which works for light on a relatively short wavelength. We could build a telescope for radio wave? I'll need to look more into it
  6. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    It's not like they put the dream machine on sale = =, dream machine 5000 dollars each. Like PS2 when it first came out, probably does not cost as much, and has to be mass produced.
  7. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Right, it would be an electromagnetic radiation of a lower frequency. But with a lower frequency the quality would not be as good. Example, an MRI scan uses radio wave, and the range is around 10mm. And you have to modify it as well, given that the only option would be a laser
  8. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Hey strange, is there a way to use the microwave laser to scan someone's head on neuronal detail? Of course it needs to be of a lower frequency, but you're not using MRI to scan, instead you are using directional radio wave. And you check the output based on reflection like Raman Spectroscopy. I don't know how to go about it in depth into the brain, but is there something like this?
  9. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Check out this SALK research.
  10. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Ya, you're right
  11. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Actually there's gotta be an electromagnetic radiation that can go through cell, I mean it comes in different spectrums
  12. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Ya, that's the method I found for controlling the gene expression, it either requires you to alter the RNA with some compound, or in this case, using iron particles. I am looking for a method without using any chemical alterations to change the gene expression, purely with electromagnetic radiation that is. My bet is on phosphorylation of the transcription factors, one of the steps in which hormones activates the transription factors through phosphorylation before it enters the nucleus. P.S Hmm, but you can't get the electromagnetic radiation inside the cell heh
  13. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    You can also use electromagnetic radiation to change the entire body's cells' gene expression at the click of a button.
  14. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    It is the idea to use brains as a information source. No consciousness involved
  15. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Thanks for the clarification. If you could combine Artificial Intelligence with Optogenetics and machine learning. The idea about this laser is that it would scan and learn as it goes, not just focus on one person. It could treat a wide range of patients on a vast population. I dunno where they could get research funding though =/