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  1. I quit smoking .

    Keep trying! I will lighten up my supporting candle! Is it possible to make sure you can't buy them? Turmeric is an Indian healthy herb which might give you the extra boost(energy) you need to stop smoking. Curry often contains Turmeric.
  2. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Can't you use thermalization? Photons contain kinetic energy so the wave energy is formed by kinetic energy (conservation of energy) and kinetic Energy is proportional to the temperature. (gas: Ek=3/2 RT) So if you lower the temperature via thermalization to nearly absolute zero and the photons remain entangled, then that would show that the entangled kinetic energy no longer has the properties of kinetic energy.
  3. Quantum Entanglement ?

    If you bring a system with entangled photons to nearly absolute zero, what happens with the entanglement? Electrons have a rest energy, photons do not. So does this mean that entangled electrons are more prone to survive cooling down to almost absolute zero? paper studies relation entanglement--temperature
  4. What is the opposite of love?

    I think the opposite of loving a person is not knowing of a person's existence.
  5. Can some thing really come from no thing?

    You do understand that words can have different meanings dependent on the context? He points to the 'fact' that science deals with what we call reality, not ultimate reality. Ultimate reality I call reality which is present regardless whether it's observed or not. Our senses/understanding/measuring devices decide what we can observe, which forms our reality. For a pantheist, Ultimate reality is divinity. For example: When we observe nothing then we observe nothing in our (idea of) reality but the observation is submissive to our senses/understanding/measuring devices. So can some thing come from no thing? It depends how you define nothing and something. Follow 2
  6. Mass in black holes (split from Mass)

    This sums everything up. Do you people know and understand what an event horizon is? I'm posting science, you people post misinterpretations based on science yet you seem to think I'm posting subjective beliefs This discussion is not fair.
  7. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    Q: Do you think the noise of playing children is nuisance? A: No, I sound proved my basement pretty well.
  8. Mass in black holes (split from Mass)

    You can't use logic to define what's after an event horizon, especially not the black hole event horizon. That's not what I said. A lot of things can be information: mass, energy, particles...(quantum states can also be information)it depends on the context they are in. And GR talks about the formation of black holes. There are many assumptions but there is zero evidence for what happens after the event horizon
  9. I quit smoking .

    And is the quitting working?
  10. It doesn't matter if he jumped from the table and the table fell with him or not. It's about that he jumped from the table before impact which is impossible since jumping also gives an jumping you increase the total impact. in a haystack? so Assassin's Creed -style?
  11. It's not me that's miss interprating that's what written If your idea is correct the OP would have said: "He jumps off a table, on top of a building". So you deny that you can absorb the impact with a roll?
  12. That's true. I just think he would say it differently if the table also fell from the building.
  13. Why is the table ice? And the material of the table doesn't matter since he jumped of the table before impact.
  14. I think he means you jump on a table which is on the floor, the table doesn't fall. If he did jump of a table on a building then the table would remain on the building.