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  1. Hello, I have imagined and drawn two molecules of TRIPLE Helix DNA Bases (image)... ( In the image the backbones of the three sugar/phospate Helices is NOT shown...) There has to be only ONE possible way to connect the 6 DOUBLE-Bases into two separate triplets... Can anyone who knows Organic-Chemistry tell me if I have made any MISTASKES by my design???... IF my molecules fullfiles aromatic criteria???...
  2. They are three(3) Nucleobases... Each Base connects with the other two Bases, with three(3) Hydrogen Bonds... There is only ONE possible way to connect them together... So..., IF you know one base and its orientation THEN you know also which the other two bases are!!!...
  3. Hexagonal Chess

    Look at the webside: http://www.chessvariants.com/multiplayer.dir/treyshah.html He plays wrong the Knight and the pawns!!!... But his Hexagon Chessboard is great!!!... I made it after 20 years when I First saw it in a magazine... Now I cannot find again the NERO RED chesspieces...
  4. Hexagonal Chess

    I have made this Hexagonal Chess for three players... The inventor of the chessboard was Matt Seaburry... (In the First Line he had only 4 pawns) The Knight moves: one Hexagon like the Rook and then one Hexagon like the Bishop... or one Hexagon like the Bishop and then one Hexagon like the Rook... The pawns move in two directions: or forward-right or forward-left...
  5. We have 20 amino acids… Each of them can be written with ONE letter: A=Alanine B=… C=Cysteine D=Aspartic acid E=Glutamic acid F=Phenylalanine G=Glycine H=Histidine I=Isoleucine J=… K=Lycine L=Leucine M=Methionine N=Asparagine O=… P=Proline Q=Glutamine R=Arginine S=Serine T=Threonine U=… V=Valine W=Tryptophane X=… Y=Tyrosine Z=… B, J, O, U, X, Z are the 6 letters from the English alphabet which are not been used… We can add this 6 letters to 6 amino acids: A/B =Alanine I/J =Isoleucine N/O =Asparagine U/V =Valine W/X =Tryptophane Y/Z =Tyrosine Now we can write a message-Letter with amino acids… We can translate it in DNA code… We can copy it 22 times in each chromosome where the “junk DNA” is… So, we can leave a message to our descendants on the DNA !!! After generations you can track the copies of this message and see if it is readable !!!
  6. Triple-helix DNA?

    THANK You for this Information!!!... I will look in the Internet for it...
  7. Triple-helix DNA?

    Have you another proposition for a molecule which can store information like the DOUBLE Helix DNA is???...
  8. Triple-helix DNA?

    IF there were a TRIPLE Helix DNA it were no differencies as to Organisms with a DOUBLE Helix DNA because they store INFORMATION in the same way!!!... The only difference is by the m-RNA's and t-RNA's... By a TRIPLE Helix with three (3/3) nucleobases you have: or (1) m-RNA=1/3 and t-RNA=2/3... or (2) m-RNA=2/3 and t-RNA=1/3 ...
  9. Triple-helix DNA?

    There is a Theoretical and Hypothetical real TRIPLE Helix DNA with three(3) nucleotide Bases which I have posted... This is the only alternative to the DOUBLE Helix DNA which has Hydrogen Bonds...
  10. The only question is if they could possible exist somewhere in the univerce???...
  11. How are some Animals Transparent???... How get the Light through ist tissues???... What are the physical characteristics of this tissues???... The Transparent Lences of our Eyes have inside the cells no nucleus...
  12. I have access only to Biology Books from "Sinauer" and "Amazon"... I don't know if I can find GOOD Biology Books elsewhere... (???)
  13. THANK You very-very much for your answers and your Help !!! Can you please propose me a good Book about Biology or about Evolution???... I have read the: EVOLUTION from Douglas J.Futuyma Denying Evolution form Massimo Pigliucci and other Books from "Sinauer"... THANK You Have a nice Day - every Day!!!...
  14. I did NOT understand the last one: "Note that evolutionism is never used in the Scientific Community" WHAT do you mean with "evolutionism"???... The theory of Evolution???... Sorry, that I have a lot of questions... I have read a lot of Greek+German+English Books about Biology and about Evolution... But I am NOT a Biology Student... I only Like reading about Life !!!
  15. Can you read please my above reply and answer me WHY all the Biology Books write about Microevolution and Macroevolution???... (Not only the Kreatonists but the Evolutionists also...)