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  1. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    I am not sure we can have a conversation if you aren't aware of what the copernican principle denotes.
  2. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Well many strange, big one being it gets science away from the idea we aren't special.
  3. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    I'm not sure we can have a conversation if you can write off the idea of a creator so quickly. Given the current state of cosmology i am surprised anyone can feel confident going forward with any of the theories, or ok with the amount of patchwork that needs to be done. I personally believe there should be teams of people working on an advanced geocentric model, that is where i would start with this re-imagining. I of course know there are problems with the geocentric viewpoint, but given the current situation i feel it deserves another look.
  4. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    The big bang is constantly challenged? Outside of the absurd (multiverse) i dont see much if any of that.... It just strikes me as odd that article breaks down the problems in science today nicely, but not once suggests an alternative to the big bang. Id just like to see science get to a spot where they can bring intuition into the mix. I think now would be a better time than any, given the current situation.
  5. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Peer review of what lol? Its not a study but a "state of things" article. Science is doing nothing but trying to patch up the model to explain away the CMB results, i saw this happening 2 years ago when i made my first post on this forum.
  6. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    That is the last paragraph from that article. Explain to me why its ok to abandon (what these professors are suggesting) the inflation theory but the big bang is sacred and must not be challenged.
  7. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    You deny these anisotropies are present? You deny the CP is in question? Did you read the article i linked above from scientific american with professors from harvard/princeton shunning the inflation theory based on the findings from the CMB? How are you so unaware of science's current predicament being a regular on a science forum mordred? So its cool to abandon the inflation model but not the big bang? Explain that one away lol.
  8. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Heh, apparently science is also on the verge of abandoning the inflation theory: I guess that is another way of explaining away the CMB anisotropies... And zapatos, please...
  9. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    I am saying you are not privy as to why the cosmological principle is being scrutinized as such. Most people aren't aware of the anisotropies present in the CMB, not something they really want getting out.
  10. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Scroll up a few posts to the articles i linked... The reason the CP is being questioned is not only that it isnt homogenous like we expected, but it also has an anisotropy (basically a preferred sense of being/direction) that is aligned exactly to the axis (ecliptic) of this tiny little rock we call earth. They have sent up at least 3 missions (maybe more by now?) and they have all come back with the same results. Instead of using intuition science is now trying to rewrite the cosmological principle to wipe away this result.
  11. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    I am merely suggesting there needs to be a nice middle ground where intuition has a part to play. If we can simply remove religion from the equation i think science could begin to have the conversation about what role a creator could play in all of this. I do believe this is eventually what is going to have to happen, its just going to take a number of years before we see this discussed on a mainstream level.
  12. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Intuition is something you have to account for when coming to truths, and the method does not allow this. Then again if truth isn't important to you....
  13. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Gonna be honest with you, i have no idea what MPC even means lol. I just found these articles today, i don't even get how this isnt frontpage news. I just randomly stumbled across that paper. Surely you cant just "tweak" the CP, so much of what we know is tied to that in one way or another....
  14. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Well hello again science forum, its been a while. I took a bit of a break from this subject and saw a few news articles recently that piqued my interest.... Which ultimately led me to: Is the cosmological principle dead? How can this be? I know you guys do not believe me when i say this, but i do not nor have i ever had an agenda, i have no horse in this race other than the truth. Id just like to ask people who are active in science circles, how are people taking the realization that the foundation of our world view is in question? Are people ok with tweaking things to fit or are there actually groups that would like to start over given the current situation?
  15. My ramblings on truth and grey area's.

    Its kind of funny you guys haven't figured out what i am talking about already. No of course not everything works out perfect in a geocentric model otherwise it will still be the leading candidate, but what i also find funny is in the numerous times ive said "i cherry pick" in this thread, no one has asked me what exactly i am cherry picking. The reason i asked what in SR says we cannot be in the center of the universe is because the earth being in the center of the universe is one of the things ive cherry picked from the bible, i feel to get to truths suspending disbelief may be something you have to do and orbits are one of the things i do in such a way. I feel that ptolemy had it right, i feel the bible had it right. I feel that it was accepted for SOOOO LONNNNNG and the fact our current view of the universe would mostly allow the geocentric model if you just suspend disbelief when viewing the orbits in the sky, that is why to me it is more than likely true than isnt. So yes i am cherry picking the bible, and you now know why i have a hard time letting go of geocentrism even if everything does not line up for me. Again lets not forget this is me trying to come to a truth, a situation i believe possible above anything else i can come up with, are the orbits of planets in the night sky enough for me to outweigh everything else that i have taken into account? Its like that for me. Obviously this is not a scientific approach, to the scientific minded the orbits we witness is surely enough to move to the heliocentric model and that is the main reason we did, but guys it just isnt enough for me.