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  1. For what purpose? If you want to have 12 V, connect 8 1.5 V batteries in serial. If you want to have 9 V, connect 6 1.5 V batteries in serial. If you want to have 4.5 V, connect 3 1.5 V batteries in serial. If you want to have 3 V, connect 2 1.5 V batteries in serial.
  2. Synthetic diamonds are small. Smaller number of carats. The world record of synthetic diamond in 2016 was 10.07-carats.‘World’s-largest’-synthetic-diamond-record-broken-again Queen Victoria had diamond crown in XIX century... Diamond jewelry industry for nobles, kings and queens predate 1930 by centuries, if not millenniums. After I world war they vanished in many European countries, so alternative customer was needed. "The first well-documented use of a diamond ring to signify engagement was by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in imperial court of Vienna in 1477, upon his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy." ps. I agree it's silly usage, for jewelry, either of Gold or Diamond. I am using Gold in scientific experiments. It's good at stopping radiation, and inside of scientific apparatus.
  3. They are made of synthetic diamonds Search for "synthetic" here
  4. Analyze two situations: 1) somebody ingest unstable isotope which is decaying by beta decay minus exclusively, daughter isotope is stable, let's say up to 400 keV energy electrons are created. High energy electron fly through body, ionizing atoms, destroying molecules through which it flies. Electron decelerate giving away its kinetic energy to surrounding matter. And it's end. 2) somebody ingest unstable isotope which is decaying by beta decay plus exclusively, daughter isotope is stable, let's say up to 400 keV energy positrons are created. The same half-life as in the 1st case. The same energy released by the event. High energy positron fly through body, ionizing atoms, destroying molecules through which it flies. High energy positron decelerate giving away its kinetic energy to surrounding matter, and finally it's annihilating with some random atom electron in random molecule in body (molecule is destroyed, goes random chemical reaction with surrounding it molecules). And now finally you have 2 or more gamma photons that passes through body, and perhaps scattering, ionizing random atoms and molecules, if/when they interacted..
  5. The price for some goods reflects human willingness to buy them. Price raises when there is more buyers than sellers, and vice versa.
  6. Anti-electrons (aka "positrons") are later annihilating with electrons, producing high energy gamma photons. Thus this decay mode can be much more dangerous than just plain beta decay minus. Tritium (the only decay mode is beta decay minus) is so small radioactive that it's used in watch clocks. Each unstable isotope, each unstable particle, has to be analyzed independently from other. Their half-lives are different. They release different energy. You must analyze of what is their daughter isotopes and the all their decay paths.
  7. True versatile AI is never "explicitly coded" to do something or not do something. AI has to learn from environment in which it "grows up".. If you would put fresh new AI in nazist's camp, you would get AI believing in hitler, supremacy of white race, humans and sub-humans etc. etc. The same fresh new AI put to liberal family would learn exactly reverse..
  8. Radioactivity is no doubt harmful. Even scientists working on Manhattan project had chance to feel it by themselves... they died in accidents:
  9. You would have to start with definition of morality or immorality. I would have to google what does it even means.. For everybody it means something else. For some people walking topless is immoral (according to their own personal definition). For some other people walking without Niqāb or Burqa is immoral.. (repeat question 7.5 bln times and you will have the all data, and it changes from century to century) If there would be created versatile AI and it would hear that somebody consider walking topless, or without face cover, is immoral, would probably get to conclusion that humans are nuts.. You would have to explain your AI, why walking naked in your own apartment/house/garden is "moral", and the same outside of some places, is "immoral" (and it's not constant, as some other people have no problem showing topless on the street in f.e. Africa or South America).
  10. They are created all the time, but they have short half-lives, and remain in the core of star, until supernova explosion. Majority of radioactive isotopes here on the Earth have origin in Uranium-235 with 704 millions years half-life, and Uranium-238 with 4.468 bln years half-life. Both are very little radioactive (long half-lives). But daughter isotopes created by them are short-living isotopes. And daughter of daughter are also unstable etc. etc. They are decaying until they reach Pb, or other stable isotope. They were created in supernova explosion billions years ago. During supernova free neutrons are created and are captured by heavy nucleus like Iron, Nickel, or other present in the core. Neutrons can be rapidly captured, in r-process. Neutrons can be slowly captured, in s-process. Protons can be captured, in p-process Protons can be rapidly captured, in rp-process
  11. Positron emission (beta decay plus) does not happen often on the Earth, but it happens all the time in the core of the Sun. Currently approximately 1.8344*10^38 times per second.
  12. There are 6 beta decay nuclear transformations: Beta decay plus (aka "positron emission"), proton changes to neutron and releases positron to conserve charge, and neutrino to conserve Lepton number. Beta decay minus, neutron changes to proton and releases electron to conserve charge, and anti-neutrino to conserve Lepton number. Double beta decay plus, releases two positrons and two neutrinos. Double beta decay minus, releases two electrons and two anti-neutrinos. Double beta decay plus neutrinoless, releases two positrons and no neutrinos. Double beta decay minus neutrinoless, releases two electrons and no anti-neutrinos. Example of weak interaction which does not originate from proton/neutron is decay of muon [math]\mu^- \rightarrow e^- + \bar{v}_e + v_{\mu}[/math] [math]\mu^+ \rightarrow e^+ + v_e + \bar{v}_{\mu}[/math] During the first stage of fusion, diproton, Helium-2, sometime decays by positron emission and changes to Deuterium: [math]_2^2 He \rightarrow _1^2 D + e^+ + v_e[/math]
  13. Somebody can become racist, enemy of some nation, intolerant for homosexual people, etc. etc., because of traumatic personal experience, f.e. being harmed by other race person, being harmed by other nation person, or f.e. because of being raped in the past.. And almost none good/bad parenting or education can help with this. Because of bombarding and occupying eastern countries you're just making more and more enemies, from people who previously were neutral, after they lost family members, friends, homes, jobs, life.. It's called by milliary officers as "collateral damage". I could call it "how to make new enemies". It's extremely hard to forgive.
  14. "Some theories consider sleep to be an important factor in establishing well-organized long-term memories. (See also sleep and learning.) Sleep plays a key function in the consolidation of new memories.[11]"
  15. In #3 post, he said, he wants to make metallic Sodium and Potassium..