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  1. The illusion of justice

    I can agree with this statement to some degree. In ancient times there was rule "there is no crime without a victim". Now there is plentiful of such silly laws. Starting from possession of insignificant amount of drugs for personal use (or voluntary prostitution). I don't recommend (or promote!) narcotics. I can understand that person after taking some of them may lose perception of this world (by law they are put in the same group, regardless of how they change perception), and under influence do some the real crimes. But narcotics addicted person requires healing instead of going to jail.. After prison, with criminal record, won't be able to get normal job, unable to pay for rent, will lose house/apartment, etc. etc. and it'll turn him/her to full-time narcotic dealer and abuser, at accelerated rate.
  2. You should start from reading Wikipedia article about Thermal conductivity:
  3. NY files suit against oil companies.

    When it's regulated, it's kinda authoritarian regime, not capitalism.. So.. let's me jump in (authoritarian! ).. and tell them "what to do".. Regulation made by human who is involved in the business is even worser, as he/she will be supporting one party, and rejecting other party.. Large companies have thousands/millions shareholders who are ruling the company. If they will say so, "we want this", CEO, management and directors, have no options, they have to fulfill orders or quit. Current mood is: if they have enough revenue leave them alone.. In the case of global warming and similar stuff, things like revenue from investment, is meaningless..
  4. Who said there has been created just one Universe.. ? There can be created Multiverse to test the all possible physical constants and/or there can be created Parallel Universes to test the all possible solutions, from initial state... If you can control which Parallel Universe exists, you're pretty much immortal, as you decline (wipe out) the all Parallel Universes, in which you accidentally, or not, died.. (somebody killed you in some Universe? whatever! jump in the one in which you still exist.. the next day at morning, nobody will even remember about "accident".. )
  5. NY files suit against oil companies.

    Designers of car forced you.. Oil company just delivered what made oil-gasoline car to be useful.. (and some of them, lobbied for shutting down alternative sources of energy).. If oil & gas companies want to "survive", build vertical-farms in Africa (or other hot regions of the Earth), and produce hydrocarbons from air, water & sun.. Invest in GMO, disallow them to spread around the world (microorganisms, from farms, not the idea!), and make plants, algae. microorganisms, which will be producing desired compound efficiently straight away.. Agreement is: you will invest the all money in making vertical-farms (or artificial lakes of algae), GMO which produce fuels. They consume CO2 from the air to grow. Instead of digging it from the Earth and releasing what has been stored millions years ago..
  6. Why hasn't evil prevailed?

    Good and evil are often relative.. But you don't look at this, the right way.. Somebody eats great meal, and prays "thanks God for this delicious meal", but somebody else had to DIE.. to become your delicious food.. whether they were animals or plants.. somebody had to die.. It's old-school human way to partitioning to "us" and "they". Whoever "they" are. You split living organisms to "humans" and "animals".. "plants" are used nearly like "items".. Similar separation is done by nationalists, racists, nazis, etc. they first make border line "we", and "they" (whoever "they" are).. Jews, gays, lesbians, black, gypsy, etc. etc. and they are put in "sub-human" group.. so for them (e.g. nazis) it was easier to kill sub-human, as they didn't treat them, as normal human.. Now imagine, spaceship lands with aliens, somebody who is interpreting "don't kill" as "don't kill human" literally, will have no problem killing "alien".. From his/her perspective they are not humans, so can be e.g. treated as animals, or plants, or bugs, or whatever.. ps. Problem with killing and eating animals and plants will solve by itself, just because of overpopulation, and inability to produce enough food natural ways.. So "orthodox vegan" / "orthodox vegetarian" is simply wasting his/her time (not to mention issues with health), instead of learning how to create GMO organisms, which will produce appropriate organic molecules which could be used instead.
  7. In local Vietnamese restaurants there are used so called "Hot Plates", which look like this: It keeps hot meal for much longer than porcelain plates. They are made of cast iron and wood. Google for "hot plate cast iron" or "lava cast iron kitchenware". 60 ukp per piece. ps. There is needed layer of onions at the bottom, otherwise chicken would be dry and too burned.
  8. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    Did you miss this.. ? ps. If you would vote for Jesus in either USA, and Russia, for president, then it will be impossible to have nuclear war between these two countries..
  9. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    The very long chain of jokes...
  10. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    The question is not whether she is better choice as a human (everybody can guess she would be worrying about minorities, women inequalities, etc. etc. but that's just tip of iceberg, the majority is below the sea level.. some clever CIA readers know what I meant ), but whether she will be able to swim with the other "sharks" from other countries around the world, and not this world, and what are her political opinions (and solutions) about f.e. global warming, (i)migrants, nuclear weapons, inequality around the world, etc. etc. (if you play in the mud, you will get dirty) I gave the first chance to Michelle Obama as candidate but her husband said she is not interested (no problem at all) couple days after that.. but somebody else accepted nomination, it appears so (not Oprah).. and he will be the right person in the right moment.. I hope so..
  11. D.I.Y. Urbanism Platforms

    I was thinking about such Android/iOS application: - person is taking photo using smartphone, e.g. see there is broken tree, see there is trash somewhere (or full container), see there is damaged road, see there is something wrong in the city, flooding in the building, whatever wrong.. etc. etc. to photo there is automatically attached location from GPS given by smartphone and satellites. It's send to central server, then to local country server, then to local city server.. and city officers are analyzing photo with small comment added by user (or not), and sending appropriate people for taking care of the problem. The closest to location people are receiving info and taking care of it. ps. Current procedure of reporting anything is pissing off people so they rather want to avoid it.. I found somebody ID, there was police car near, and they started from asking me about the all my personal data.. WTF?! One such accident, and somebody will learn to never return anything to police after finding on the street..
  12. light

    For photons there is polarization by reflection.
  13. Has time travel been discovered/harnessed yet?

    Time travel to the past would mean there are two or more the same particles existing simultaneously.. e.g. you imaginary travel to past 1h, and there are two copies of you and you+1h.. Particle is in two places at the same 'time'..
  14. New compound francium/fluorine

    As you can see on this page: The longest living isotope of Francium has half-life just couple minutes.. If you will manage to make 1 kg of Francium, if you will be lucky, after 22 minutes you will 500 grams, after 44 minutes you will have 250 grams, after 1h you will have 125 grams, and so on, so on..
  15. Simulated Universe

    Simulations of particle collisions are done @ CERN every day in 3D right now... What AI has to do with simulated Universe.. ? AI has to analyze provided data from this world, and return the most optimal answer. e.g. you feed AI with city map, all routes, some are full of cars, and it has to give you the best (the shortest time) path to destination.. Simulation does not have to go the shortest, the most optimal path.. You can restart it, and start from the beginning, and observe what is going on..