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  1. How Long Earth Can Stand The Pollution?

    They are not comparable. In solar panel you invest once, then you can use the next 20-30 years, without significant costs, until it breaks (with tiny decrease of power after many years of usage). Oil you have to buy day by day. One day oil price on stock market is $145.31 per barrel in July 2008, the next couple months it dropped to $30.28 in Dec 2008. Just an example. You can't predict price of oil in couple months/weeks, not to mention period of 20-30 years. It can, and will, go high, when oil wells will be running out of oil, one by one. High demand for limited good results in increased price. I am great fan of solar panels. I would use them everywhere, if I could, and only after exhausting accumulators use regular power supply.
  2. OT from how to turn a believer

    If you want to talk to God, better learn Quantum Physics. Because God loves Quantum Physicians (and is one of them)... You should know that already.. If you cannot say to what muons, pions, kaons, rho, phi etc. etc. unstable mesons, unstable baryons, will decay.. what energy each of them will release etc. etc. you are simply not ready enough..
  3. is meat unhealthy?

    No, don't cut eaten calories. Increase calories that body is burning, during physical exercise (or during regular life). The largest muscles you have the more energy they need (during exercises). Fat cells don't require a lot of energy for life. Burn fat cells, replace them by muscle cells. They will have the same weight, but smaller volume (causing illusion of not having any progress). If somebody is suddenly cutting eaten calories, body "thinks" that there is "starvation time". If you play with dumbbells, say making 20 repetitions of some exercise, and you don't feel anything (not exhausted), it means it's about time to increase weight by attaching more weight to them (therefor you need 20 kg dumbbells with 2.5 kg/5 kg/10 kg/20 kg, replaceable plates). See what guy is doing at the beginning: Do it with 5 kg dumbbells, if after 20 repetitions, you don't feel exhausted, replace by 10 kg, then by 20 kg.. 20 kg * 20 repetitions = 400 kg * 5 series in a day = 2 tons per day.
  4. is meat unhealthy?

    Pigs, chickens and cows have the largest populations of animals on the world (over 1 bln pieces per year born), just because they are human food source... Many unwanted as food unlucky species extincted. If population of humans will be growing at the same rate as today, the all animals will die, because they will be eaten by human. Not only currently eatable, but the all, including insects. Wow. You're double me, or more.. I am afraid that vegan/vegetarian diet won't help you much. Dumbbells and every single day exercises (that takes 10-20 minutes, but extensive like 20 kg dumbbells weight lifting 200 times), is the only reasonable way to lost weight, and stay that way for the end of your life. I would persuade cat that mice is his/her the best friend instead..
  5. Please help with some SASM settings ?

    Are these examples made by you? The last one is pushing parameters on the stack, calling routines, and then does not pop them back or restore old stack pointer. Also read this
  6. is meat unhealthy?

    So true. Not so long ago, I watched TV document on Discovery Channel about XIX century New York butchers. One of them specialized in buying rotten pig heads, and making from them sausages. Scientists were asked to reproduce his process on TV document. They showed how to "upgrade" rotten meat, so it does not smell bad, and does not look bad.. They used just newly discovered in XIX century chemical compound that's is killing microorganisms. That "fixed" smell. They literally started from rotten pig head and ended up with indistinguishable from regular sausages. Unbelievable what people will do for money..
  7. Recrystallization

    Maybe crystals contained water of crystallization? And after each cycle, it was changing amount of water of crystallization.. ? What solvent student used in the above experiment.. ?
  8. Mass of proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2 [math]p^+ + p^+ \rightarrow D^+ + e^+ + v_e + 0.420 MeV[/math] Where does this 420 keV come from? It's difference between mass-energy of Deuterium nucleus and two protons. On the left equation you have 2 mp, on the right mass of Deuterium, mass of positron-electron and energy released in the reaction: [math]m_p c^2 + m_p c^2 = m_d c^2 + m_e c^2 + 0.420 MeV[/math] [math]938.272 MeV + 938.272 MeV = E_d + 0.511 MeV + 0.420 MeV[/math] Rearrange it: [math]E_d = 938.272 MeV + 938.272 MeV - ( 0.511 MeV + 0.420 MeV )[/math] [math]E_d = 1875.613 MeV[/math] [math]m_d = 1875.613 MeV/c^2[/math] 1u = 931.494 MeV/c^2 [math]m_d = \frac{1875.613 MeV/c^2}{931.494 MeV/c^2} = 2.01355 u[/math] Add mass of electron, and there will be ~ 2.0141 u.
  9. A Squirrel called Igor

    Igor sounds like somebody from Addams Family.. Maybe he started eating meat.. instead of vegetables.. ? ps. 6 hours ago I rescued life of squirrel, because dog (called Max) wanted to kill him in the park forest.. Nearly, nearly, and I would have to punch dog, and later owner..
  10. I quit smoking .

    2 years does not sound long.. Whatever you meant by "continuously"... One cigarette by other cigarette all day long.. ? If one cigarette takes 5 minutes, then 14h * 60m/h / 5m = 168 pieces per day.. Mention of quantity of them per day, per month, per year, would be more accurate. IMHO, You should first switch to electronic cigarette (as they contain less hazardous content), then after a few weeks, months, decrease liquid per day, day by day, month by month. Smoothly decrease it. Then you won't need it anymore. Drastic dramatic shutdown of psychoactive chemicals is not healthy for human brain..
  11. Please help with some SASM settings ?

    Yes, compilation to different platform. I don't think so. Rather in "Assembly options" or "Linking options" You can run cmd.exe from Start, then go to these folders (mentioned in settings window that you showed in screen-shot) and run from command-line gcc/nasm/ld manually. Show list of options using /? Read manual of nasm/ld what options are available. And experiment..
  12. Please help with some SASM settings ?

    From what I see "unrecognized emulation mode: 32" is error that you have. Googling for error phrase is always good idea for a start. It will show you whether other users in the past had similar problems as you encountered, and how they fixed it. Try hints from f.e. below links for a start:
  13. Value of an Asteroid

    Money does not exist. They are just bits on computer disk. Rare metals are interesting to have here on Earth (they would stop being "rare"), depending on their usefulness for human kind. I don't see a problem in having abundance of f.e. Gold (from Gold-asteroid), it could be used to protect against cosmic radiation. (jewelry industry would not agree with me ) If human will survive the next few years without nuclear war etc. etc. I think such journey for asteroid will be inevitable.. It does not have to have precious/rare metals to be worthwhile to bring it near Earth. Simply it will be source of fuel for rockets (Hydrogen and Oxygen) on far orbit.
  14. Are we Living Inside a Simulated Universe?

    Application that has modular structure, with one core, and modules/libraries/extensions/device drivers (OS), is easy to develop by team of programmers. Simply one programmer is responsible for writing and maintaining one module. Programmer who wrote code of module/library/extension knows it the best, while other team member doesn't know it and can't modify it. Application which has no modular structure, is very hard to write by team of programmers. They simply will overlap and interfere work of other member of team. ps. I up voted, unnecessary neg vote..
  15. What Is Americas Biggest Problem?

    IMHO, one of the biggest structural American problems is that high quality university education is not for free. It creates castes, rich people class who can afford going to university without a blink of an eye, middle class which have to take huge loans and then years and years return them, and poor people who can't afford education. They are excluded from gaining knowledge. And in capitalistic country model they are almost locked in this state for generations. Only the best percent of percent or less will get some kind of scholarship and try to break this madness cycle. Better education is equal to higher income in the future. How rich people are getting richer? They just need to make paid education and wait..