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  1. Nonsense. It's just a matter of quantity of humans per area unit of the Earth, and their starvation level.. People during sieges used to eat their cats, dogs, rats, mouses.. Starving people in Asia started eating insects. Western well-educated countries can develop GMO modified organisms, while poor, low educated countries, without access to GMO, will be (or can be) leaved on their own..
  2. A shiver of sharks!

    I love them honestly. They're able to survive at such depths just because of constant flow of organic matter from near surface depths..
  3. That's what I said in this post:
  4. Double Precision float Question

    You can make any bits length floating point number as you wish/need. It's often needed when making scientific application. Operations on regular floats/doubles introduce errors. Every operation, they accumulate together. So after a while error can be quite significant. Therefor scientists-programmers make their own floating point C++ classes. typedef double SciFloat; // work with SciFloat (instead of double directly) as long as you need in project... // then when there is error caused by low precision: class SciFloat { // custom made float implementation.. // or use 3rd party library made by somebody else already (could contain unknown errors, as usual) // put them in overloaded operators.. }; When storing on disk, or transferring through Internet etc. etc. you will have to write such custom object as string, and parse string during loading back, as it's not binary compatible with regular IEEE float/double.
  5. Double Precision float Question

    Arbitrary decision of IEEE float/double creators. For example, you (programmer) can by yourself decide that -128 means -infinity and +127 means +infinity and numbers between them -127....+126 are normal numbers (when working with 8 bit signed integer). Then overload operators +, -, *, /, comparison to support custom made infinities.
  6. In the future, this problem (the most likely) won't exist, because the all other lifeforms will be eaten by hungry humans, on overpopulated Earth... Japan already have density of population like the Earth will have with 50 billions of people living at the same time. They right now have to import significant percentage of food from other countries. "The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry said in August that Japan’s food self-sufficiency in 2006 was 39 percent on a calorie basis and 68 percent in terms of the value of agricultural output." Right now, they can do that just because they are wealthy and other poorer countries have higher production than internal demand. But when the all other countries will have similar density of population, wealthy countries will be sucking in the production from poor countries, and hundred of millions (rather billions of people more realistically) from poorer countries will be seeking alternative sources of food, basically eat everything what they can find, including other humans in the extremities.. ps. I have nothing against Japan. They're just currently existing example of overpopulated country already. But in the case of collapse of global trading (as a result of f.e. nuclear war or other global disaster) they'll have problems the first..
  7. Iron-eating Stone, why this phenomena?

    Or nail is made of tin, and rock is warmer than 231.9 °C (that would be the easiest way to make this trick, as tin is widely available on the market). Or nail could be made of Mercury below -40 C. It has melting point ~ -38.83 °C. Or nail could be made of Sodium-Potassium NaK alloy. Melting point ~ -12 C. (that would explain why he is holding nail with gloves, to not start melting it by hand)
  8. Generally, when you see "Observatory Stable" on wikipedia on Isotopes websites, theory states that some isotope should decay, but they don't want to decay in human enough to bother observation times.
  9. What is uncertainty ?

    How about reverse? "What is certainty?" Certainty is when everything goes the same way.. Universe that is repeated over and over again, exactly the same (boring) way.. Like in the movie.. When you watch it over and over again, it's still the same movie.. You can remember phrases said by actors before they even open mouth.. From time to time, "it's good to jump in and push some actors" to move differently.. LOL. ps. Sorry for jumping in, and pushing you in this direction, the next time, I will jump in, and push you in different direction.. I promise..

    FTW is (also) Internet shortcut for Fuck The World.. Quite provocative content from your side.. They make provocative thread, you or other scientist should answers them in the best manner to learn them something.. If they want to learn, it'll be revealed during discussion.. That's scientists on this website who should show up from their the best side.. Imagine, 1000+ years later somebody, future archeologist is reading what webarchive collected, and reading what you or others wrote... Will he/she/it bother about what unknown entity wrote, or bother what you personally wrote on forum? You wrote thousands posts here.. while entity jumped in, wrote couple or just one provocative post, and escaped, while thread started living its own life for days or weeks...

    Forum software asks you to register and log in, so it has chance to detect things like that. User makes questions and/or answers them. Forum software knows you're logged in (or not logged in). It's (session id) stored (the most likely) in cookies (rarely in URI/URL) these days. Just look at cookies/URI, write code that will try to connect to some website from PHP/Java/C/C++/.NET Framework, and everything will be revealed how it was implemented.. It's quite interesting subject by itself. Especially if you are owner of service like Google/Facebook or want to emit ad about whatever you want to sell to people using Internet as medium. IT businesses have much more wider knowledge about visitors than for example television or radio stations, which would love to know what IT knows about their customers, to better address their ads.. One of method of showing list of websites is showing them by popularity (view count). If view counter is abused by programmers who made bots visiting multiple (or millions/billions) times, their website is showed prior the rest. But these views are not from the real people.. IT business owners are trying to fight with it by using various techniques (mentioned above and in the previous post).

    That all depends on code of website. f.e. you have PHP code: <?php $counter = file_get_contents( "counter.txt" ); printf( "Counter %d<br />\n", $counter ); $counter++; file_put_contents( "counter.txt", $counter ); ?> (at first you will have warning, because of not existing counter.txt file) It'll increase by 1 every time you click Refresh button in web browser. Detection of "unique visitors" (that's proper name for it), is much more complicated, and requires knowledge who is visiting website (logging to website and registration). Not always (rarely) the same IP address of visitor means it's "unique visitor" (some people might have private and/or dynamic IP addresses, which will cause problems counting by IP). Say you go to website from your home, then you go from work, then from your smartphone, then you go from free wifi in the market etc. etc. Each time it's different IP address.. Is it unique visitor, or should be counted separately (and increase counter)? If programmer will modify code to use cookies, to store boolean "visited this website" information, it can easily being misused by hackers or other people (programmers) who will find it.. and unique counter will stop counting the right people again..
  13. What makes a Geiger_counter tick?

    No. Geiger is detecting ionization. It does not tell what is source of ionization. Organic matter (your body) is slightly radioactive because of presence of radioactive isotopes of Carbon-14 and Potassium-40. Either Carbon-14 and Potassium-40 are decaying via beta decay minus, emitting electron and antineutrino (ionizing radiation). Do you have prism? Try splitting light to see spectral lines.. Plasma globe is toy, but discharge tubes are equipment for scientists-to-be. Light from them you split on prism to see spectral lines.
  14. Overclocking Question.

    Why do you need overclocking at all? Are you processing a lot of data? What kind of data? You can gain much more if you will rewrite code from scratch, using different language.. f.e. code is written in Java, rewrite it in .NET Framework C/C++, if it's slow in .NET Framework, rewrite it in external C/C++ DLL, and call it from .NET app. If it's not using multi-threading, try splitting task to multiple threads/cores.. If it's not using GPU, rewrite code using CUDA/OpenCL, at least the most time consuming tasks.. Certainly wrong (too large simplification). CPU is responsible for sending data to GFX card memory (3D objects and textures mostly). If it's not able to deliver data fast enough, GPU will have to wait for them.. In some games CPU is also responsible for collision detection, and vertex transformations of organic matter. Not to mention about AI of bots..
  15. What makes a Geiger_counter tick?

    I'll assume it's (evacuated) air. Otherwise no info available. Discharge tubes are filled by gas. Different colors, different gases. Are you talking about plasma globe.. ? "Although many variations exist, a plasma lamp is usually a clear glass sphere filled with a mixture of various gases (most commonly neon, sometimes with other noble gases such as argon, xenon and krypton) at nearly atmospheric pressure."