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  2. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    Yes,I am pushing it up but it is working like a pendulum.if you see in the video that I have stopped pushing after getting a certain angle and ball is falling down after that.if a device has been stopped then it doesn't matter that I have pushed it or not as that time energy is zero.
  3. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    You have shown in the video that it gets reset because you push it.
  4. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    But there is no need of extra energy to reset it as I have shown in the video that it is getting back its original position without any external influence or extra energy. That is the main salient feature of this mechanism. I have proven it.
  5. Hi all, I've recently been browsing all I can on Saltwater cells (well technically galvanic cells) Yet I cant seem to find an explanation as to why the saltwater solution needs to be changed in the cell? From what I've gathered through google searching the salt in the solution is not used up but I can't figure out why the cell begins to fade after X amount of time (cleaning the anode and cathode does not seem to do anything) Any help on the subject would be vastly appreciated! Google does a poor job of finding detailed results and most "Science" pages give the general principle of the cells operation but no details of why the solution needs to be replaced. Thanks! (here is an example video, the author says to change the solution after a certain time period but doesn't know why)
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  7. I think they appear deceptively simple. But all of the ball's contact points must be directly inline from one end to the other, from first to the last. Even unnoticeable variation in contact points would produce deflection, so energy would be spent inducing rotation in the ball that then would be transferred to the other balls and even to the strings as they resist the errant movement being transferred down the line. All of the best examples I've seen use metal that resists the dynamics of the swinging mass, any unnoticeable movement in the frame would dampen the kinetic energy. As would any variation in specifications between components that should ideally be identical.
  8. Future physics? -> Sim true gravity effect between 2 particles: Min requirements: 17 billion particles, 10D

    1. Theoretical


      Or sci-fi lol? Maybe that sci-fi simulation novel shows 3 "main dimensions" + 7 interdimensions, and a minimum 2600 x 2600 x 2600 particles. Peace!

  9. Can you try via this link instead? Trying to see if its a dns problem.
  10. It's a very pleasant feeling to have the right tool for the job at hand, but it is surprising what you can accomplish with some imagination. Using ropes for clamps is a new one, but I have used 2x4s and boxes of rocks.
  11. Lol my most nightmarish project over 20 years ago was a non profit company hired me to build a 12 by 10 by 6 foot rifle display cabinet. They had so little funds available that they supplied me with old wood from railroad tracks that they salvaged. I only had an 8 inch table saw, 1 jackplane and odds and ends hand woodworking tools. I build a table to support larger wood cuts on that 8 inch table saw and had to design my own jigs guides and antikickpack arrestors. I never wanted to photograph the end project even though the company liked the work. I personally was disgusted with the project. Though it was rewarding on one aspect. The sheer creative usage of making such a large project with a highly limitted selection of tools and materials. My clamps was made out of the same material and rope to tighten the clamps. (challenged my rope skills lol) as one example.
  12. Yes including other forums. The problem started precisely the same day as the server downtime to repair/replace the harddrives this particular repair Prior to that zero problems for over a year on same phone and phone provider. edit tested wife's phone same provider plan and phone make and model same problem.
  13. No its a personal phone through a Telus provider.
  14. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    The energy to reset it will be more than it provides.
  15. Is it possible it’s a work phone and the IT dept blocks access when using data on a plan that they are responsible for paying?
  16. Swansont did an excellent job answering this question. I would just like to add that I am glad to see you take the time to ask questions on my posts. Far too often I am forced to describe very complex topics as simple as possible. In many cases I end up forgetting to add essential details or go a little too heuristic. No worries I would rather people question my posts than simply accept them verbatim. How else does everyone learn lol. Its a common misconception that GR and QM are incompatible as mentioned above by Swansont QM does involve though when it includes GR involves a large body of particles sufficient to have messurable effect
  17. NY files suit against oil companies.

    It's not about you, though, it's about the oil companies. Many people believe what the oil companies have said. Shouldn't these companies be legally liable for lying to the people, and to the government?
  18. This problem started after the last server repairs. If I recall it was on the New years when the hard drives were being serviced. Since that time my mobile phone has not been able to connect using data however reliably connects using my home wifi. The message I recieve is "connection refused." I tried both full and mobile version from my phone same message.
  19. Hardest word for you to spell

    Vowels are like breaths of air, so you struggle with suffocation when there are too few. I'd be gasping in a Polish spelling bee. Essentially.
  20. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    Hello ,if it doesn't move continuously then it is good as Noether theorem will not create any hurdle init.i would like to tell you that I will mounted two piston generator on both side of long tube to extract energy and this energy will feed a lever system to lift up the device again and again.if that input is free then why there is no free lunch? Friction,load is not problem, p.e. is being increased,input is almost zero , device is getting back its initial position without any extra energy , Noether theorem will not work here as it works only in continuous running devices then why? interesting point is input as it is very minimal due to equilibrium position ,but output?
  21. Banned/Suspended Users

    seriously disabled has been suspended for one week for ignoring continued requests not to hijack threads.
  22. Just snoozing While we certainly do not know the exact pathway and methodology, the fact is that at one time there was no life anywhere, then the next minute there was. Speaking scientifically, we can really only conclude Abiogenesis.
  23. Graphs

    Looks like GraphPad Prism, though they're fairly generic looking. Prism is (I think) pretty commonly used in the biological sciences, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where they come from.
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