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  2. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    Well sure, Deepfoot is real, we know that. You'd be shy and elusive too if you were under such incredible pressure.
  3. The fact that the terrestrial planets are closer to the Sun then the gaseous and icy giants, actually support the accretion disk theory re planetary formation. And also in recent times, various stages of stellar system creation has been observed in distant systems. The heavier elements are more inclined to fall towards the center, [to create the terrestrial planets] along with the fact that closer to the Sun, the lighter elements such as Hydrogen Methane etc were prevented fro condensing due to higher temperatures. These lighter elements went into into creating the icy gaseous giants further out from the Sun, where temperatures were more conducive.
  4. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    Everyone knows they only hold nuclear wars on mars in the odd years...
  5. Capacitor experiments?

    Yes. The right sequence is to start by learning some science. If you can also learn how to stop your text appearing like this it will be a step forward too
  6. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    Many people seem to have a need for mystery, spookiness, and paranormal concepts in their life, that according to them, science is unable to explain. I belong to another forum that is fast losing respect as a science forum simply because it is dominated by weirdos who honestly believe in ghosts, goblins, Bigfoot and even some nonsense re a nuclear war having been conducted on Mars by Alien beings! I kid you not! These types of people will always prefer the "u tube" video on the net as proof that mainstream science and "powers that be" are conspiring against the general populace. Popular TV series such as "The X-Files" and "Millenium" certainly have a lot to answer for, and the poor gullible and impressionable Idiots that they have gathered along the way. Yes sadly there are real people who still believe in this sort of nonsense.
  7. Galactic distribution of heavy elements

    OK, I will think about it. I have to admit I don't know much about them but here goes. Almost all the mass of the solar system is the Sun, and it hasn't got much iron in it (0.003% by number of atoms I believe) If I make the (dodgy) assumption that all the other stars and planets in the galaxy are similar then I conclude that the galaxy hasn't got much iron in it.
  8. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    It also included how often men are convicted when accused, and how often women are. The system usually believes the women, whether they are accusing or defending. Hence, not a system that is automatically bent on disbelieving women. Sexual in nature or not.
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  10. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    Perhaps these responses are a bit harsh and some humility is in order. I have been frankly amazed (along with many others) at the fantastic creatures shown on Blue Planet II by David Attenborough. Remember more people have walked on the Moon than the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
  11. That's where all the physics is. Why? They have opposite charge. Such a model ignores conservation laws (lepton number, for example). Failure indeed. What "model" are you using? A trajectory (positions and velocities)? Why can't you find the energy from the values you use? KE = 1/2 mv^2, and PE = kQ1Q2/r If your model doesn't predict the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, of what value is it?
  12. As I said, but you didn't acknowledge, when you start using words for the purpose for which they were intended, rational discussion can move forward. You have the germ of an idea which lies somewhere between the Thompson 1904 'plum pudding' model of the atom and the Bohr 1913 orbital model. Probably quite close to the Rutherford 1911 model. However, they all called Helium, Helium and Hydrogen, Hydrogen. That enabled discussion. There was a great deal of head scratching in those days to come up with these three models and the history is quite interesting and pertineent to your ideas.
  13. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    In the last few years we've quietly disproved most of these things. Almost everyone in the western world and many people in the world in general now all carry acceptable quality cameras with them all the time. Yet good photos just hasn't appeared.
  14. There was a time when everyone thought the earth was the center of the universe, then the fool on the hill saw the sun going down and the eyes in his head saw a world spinning 'round, science moved ahead... Thank you Copernicus!
  15. When you get to the moon, remember to bring me back a pound of green cheese.
  16. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    They have lights on the outside of their flying saucers? Astounding! Give me evidence that theism contains wisdom, then we can talk about where it came from... I consider myself to be a apistevist, evidence is required, faith doesn't cut it..
  17. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    Evidence, please. A realist, perhaps, a theist nope...
  18. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    That is what I thought. Intelligent aliens have nothing to gain by being detected. So they may use a cloak of invisibility through advanced technology to avoid being detected by equal or more advanced aliens. And in the event they came to Earth, they would be capable of removing any undeniable evidence of their presence here using their superior technology. But why would they have lights on the OUTSIDE of their flying saucers?
  19. Is this a quaternary amine?

    Hi. I realise this response might be a bit late but I'll try to explain nonetheless. This molecule would be tertiary if it was only attached to three carbon atoms (you don't count the sulphur as you rightly pointed out). To be quaternary the nitrogen needs to be charged, allowing it to form an ionic bond with a negative species. This molecule is therefore quaternary. In terms of being more accurate, a molecule cannot be both tertiary and quaternary so if you were formally describing it you would be better off just saying it was a quaternary amine to avoid confusion. Hope this helped. P.S. I wouldn't be doing myself justice as a biochemist if I didn't speculate that this molecule looks like a cysteine derivative. If anyone knows what this molecule is could they post it? Greatly appreciated.
  20. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    I would say if religion contains any wisdom such wisdom is accidental and would probably been more wise had it been less accidental... Would you label yourself a theist dimreeper? But we know that under our current understanding we should see some evidence, my problem with this is that I think our current understanding is somewhat flawed but since my opinions on this are far from educated I must put them down as speculation. The original premise was that a civilization should be quite a bit brighter than our sun is in light but in radio waves. Everything we do that is electrical in nature gives off radio waves. From the 60 cycle hum of transmission lines to TV and radio broadcasts. But The premise has been shown to be increasingly flawed due to natural interstellar interference. Only a powerful direct signal, like radar scanning an object, or military radar type transmissions would be "visible" above the background noise. Such signals if we intercepted them would not be likely to repeat, a prerequisite for considering them as artificial. However, such signals have been picked up and no they did not repeat and so did not qualify as a possible hit. So you expect new technological breakthroughs that will make radio or lasers obsolete?
  21. I cannot do the complex math for the orbitals, I would greatly appreciate help in that area. If the proton and electron did not collide but merged it would be momentary as the proton is not a black hole. I have tried both scenarios with my models ( collision and merging) I was not able to create stability, it seems that if the dance is correct, it is such that neither occurs... If such an event did occur the atom would decay. Rough schematics: Perhaps it will help to explain how I tripped upon this model... I have always had a problem with the role of the neutron in the atom, I was trying to model an atom where electron proton pairs periodically merged forming neutrons and giving up their kinetic energy to a neutron which then decayed into a fresh proton electron pair. Failure! However the simulation I had created used only protons and electrons which hypothetically would combine and decay. I would try placing these particles in my direct3d "space" at guesstimated positions and velocities then I would allow it to run... for hours or days. One day I was observing a model that had been running for days and had not dissipated(as so many had) and I realized that although the model had some stability, none of the pairs were combining. It was a stable model of a helium atom. I backtracked and found that I was able to produce stable forms of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium! So you see, it was not my great physics knowledge, my talent with mathematics or even my great abstract thinking that brought me to this... It was serendipity. So now what do I do? Chuck it in the waste basket or seek help?
  22. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    Stare into the shadows long enough without critical thinking and your imagination will fill the gaps in your knowledge with fantasy.
  23. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    ! Moderator Note Moved here for lack of a better place Yes, there are. I imagine it's related to why people believe in conspiracy theories.
  24. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    But that removes the context of iNow's statement. The three articles do not contain "sexual" in the body of the text. All three titles indicate they are about criminal trial sentences, i.e. the woman has been convicted of something. I saw no sexual harassment/assault statistics.
  25. This don't really concern religious beliefs, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong subforum. Are there people that believe in the existence of 'fantasy beasts' like Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, monster of Loch Ness....? Why? Reason?
  26. God and science

    What has god got to do with it?
  27. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    My response was in the context of a system that disbelieves them by default. The statistics I provided included sexual harrassment.
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